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See Kylie Verzosa’s ~Chill~ Response After Followers Called Her Out For Being ‘Too Thin’

What a graceful response. 
PHOTO: Kylie Verzosa Instagram page

Kylie Verzosa, the queen of sizzling Instagram photos, recently found herself in a bit of a hot spot when she posted a photo of her drinking her morning cup of coffee.

Kylie’s recent photo, where she is seen wearing a black off-shoulder top, drew too many comments that criticized her for appearing “too skinny.”

While such remarks on social media platforms can provoke strong reactions, Kylie had a response that was as cool as a sip of iced latte. In her response, she calmly refuted one comment, asserting, "I'm not that skinny! I think it’s the outfit and angle.” 

She sure knows how to get flattering photos! But we do know Kylie is also committed to fitness. She often shares snippets of her ~intense~ workouts, which include squats, lifting, and more. According to her personal trainer, her fitness regimen includes consuming nutritionally dense foods, particularly fish for protein, and moderate carbs to fuel her workouts. Here's a peek into Kylie Verzosa's intense fitness routine.


She also emphasizes the importance of sleep and recovery. So, when you see Kylie in a stunning outfit on Instagram, remember that it's not just about the outfit or the angle, but also the result of her dedication and discipline.

This was also not the first time Kylie responded to unsolicited advice on Instagram. Earlier this year, Kylie had a sassy clapback to a basher who told her to cover up. 

That’s a body she worked hard for, so no shame in being proud of it! You do you, Kylie! 

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