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Lady Gaga Wows London Pub Crowd With A Pop-Up Performance

She's promoting her new single, "Perfect Illusion."
PHOTO: Twitter/Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga surprised patrons of Hackney's Moth Pub in London when she turned up there on Friday night, September 9, shortly after the release of her new single, "Perfect Illusion."

UK's Daily Mail revealed that the pub audience were first treated to "an almost three-hour long DJ set by the single's producer Mark Ronson" before Gaga went on stage for her "Perfect Illusion" number.

"For her pop-up performance, Mother Monster even channeled the outfit featured in the teaser image she tweeted earlier this week," reports Nick Romano in Entertainment Weekly. says that during her performance, Gaga was "twirling her microphone around by the cord like a dance floor cowboy and reaching out to touch the faces of those pressing up against the stage."

In fact, Gaga was so energetic during her number that she had what may be called a "pseudo wardrobe malfuction." Many reports about her pub performance also refer to her exposed underboob.

Then again, provocative wardrobe (whether by design or by accident) is nothing new to Gaga.

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Overall, it looks like she's having a bloody good time in London. Earlier that Friday, Gaga was at BBC Radio 1 for an interview about her new song when she ran into Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice of the Spice Girls. They ended up singing a snippet of the Spice Girls' hit, "2 Become 1."

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