Lady Gaga Kissed A Married Musician This Weekend And People Are Freaking Out

Calm down, everyone, it's not what it seems!
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Okay, so some sh*t went down during Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residency show, and even though it was ~no big deal~, people are not okay. Basically, Gaga kissed her trumpet player, Brian Newman, and, um...he happens to be married.

In a video posted to the Gaga Daily Twitter page, Gaga serenades Brian while holding his hand. Then she belts out the lyrics "Darling, kiss me" and goes ahead and does just that. To be clear, Gaga and Brian are just friends. In fact, they're more like family.

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A source tells Us Weekly, "There is nothing to see here. Gaga is a performer, and it was a playful, harmless part of her act. She and Brian have had an incredible friendship for years and see each other as family."

But that hasn't stopped Twitter from absolutely losing its mind over this kiss and repeatedly pointing out that Brian is married to Angie Pontani.

"I know they are friends since…forever. But Christ's sake, he [is] married!!! GAGA should behave better," one fan tweeted, while others were quick to point out that "his wife was there" and that "he is kissing her too, honey. It's an act. A burlesque show at 2 a.m."

In other words, this wasn't a big deal!

And TBH, Gaga has always made it clear that her artistry comes with a lot of acting. After her much-debated "Shallow" performance with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars (which also caused fans to flip out), Gaga explained, "People saw love and guess what? That's what we wanted you to see."

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