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Everything You Need To Know About Lady Gaga's New Album 'LG6'

It's been three years in the making—let's start there.

The wait is almost over, Little Monsters. After three long centuries years without a Lady Gaga album, 2020 is finally when our fave pop queen will bless us with her musical genius. New decade, new Gaga, amirite?

We finally got some true, concrete confirmation that a new record is on the way when Gaga's first new single, "Stupid Love", just came out. Sure, her Monsters might have leaked it six months in advance, but that's what happens when the stans are hungry and need to eat. ¯\_(?)_/¯

Without further ado, please allow me to fill you in on every single thing we know about Gaga's upcoming sixth album—which is commonly referred to as LG6 by her Monsters until it gets a proper title—while we impatiently for it to drop in full.

What Has Gaga Said About LG6 So Far?

In short: not much. But back in November 2017 Gaga let it slip to Entertainment Weekly that she was already hard at work on LG6 songs. "I've started writing," she said at the time. "I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you'll see in a bit. I need some time to create." She also confirmed to Vogue in October 2018 that fans should expect a lot of new music soon.

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There's no way that we could forget Gaga's now-infamous tweet about deflecting those pregnancy rumors, though. She's not pregnant with a baby, she's pregnant with LG6!

The most concrete thing we know so far is that Gaga's first single is "Stupid Love".

Um, Does LG6 Have An Actual Name Yet?

At the moment, Gaga's upcoming album has no title (*sobs*). BUT! Little Monsters did a bit of sleuthing and think the album's title might (emphasis on might!) be hiding in plain sight on the single art for "Stupid Love".

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So will CHROMATICA be the title for Gaga's album? Only time will tell, but so far the Monsters' instincts have been right on the money.

When The Heck Is LG6 Coming Out?

The album release hasn't been announced, but fans did some more sleuthing and found out that in September, Oliver Nusse (the CEO of UMG France) reportedly said Gaga's upcoming album will arrive in "early 2020" at Universal Music France's Open Session.

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What Will LG6 Sound Like?

Now that "Stupid Love" is floating around, we have a general idea of what the record might sound like. Expect larger than life pop as per usual...which, as we know, Gaga is insanely talented at making.

What not to expect? ARTPOP part two. Gaga herself admitted that she has no recollection of that era, despite its iconic and experimental nature, so expect LG6 to sound different from anything she's done in the past.

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Who Is Collaborating With Gaga On LG6?

Justin Tranter

    You probs haven't heard of Justin, but you've definitely heard the millions of hit songs he's written. His credit list is straight-up iconic. Since there are too many songs to count on one hand, I'll do you the favor of listing the biggest and best of Justin's work, below:

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    • "Sorry," by Justin Bieber,
    • "Easy," by Camila Cabello,
    • "Hesitate" by Jonas Brothers,
    • "Close," by Nick Jonas,
    • "Cake By the Ocean," by DNCE,
    • "Lose You to Love Me," by Selena Gomez,
    • "So Good," by Dove Cameron,
    • "Fake Smile," by Ariana Grande,
    • "Thru Your Phone," by Cardi B,
    • "Make Me Feel," by Janelle Monae,
    • "Bad At Love," by Halsey, and more!

      Justin has worked with Gaga in the past on the A Star Is Born soundtrack song, "Heal Me", and there's a good chance he'll appear in a songwriting credit on her upcoming album, too. On his Instagram Stories, Justin posted a video of him and Gaga in the studio working on something together, which led Little Monsters to believe Justin penned a song with/for her.

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        BloodPop (whose real name is Michael Tucker), has also worked with Gaga in the past. In fact, he's already confirmed to be working with Gaga for *at least* one song, because he helped produce "Stupid Love".

        Other things we know about BloodPop—he helped produce Gaga's entire Joanne album alongside Mark Ronson, and he has worked with artists like Vampire Weekend, Justin Bieber, Haim, Britney Spears, Madonna, Grimes, and other notable artists in the music industry. He's in demand!

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        Mark Ronson

          Mark Ronson just might be the most household name on this list. You remember "Uptown Funk", don't you? That aside, Mark is literally a veteran in the music industry, has produced albums dating back to 1998 (!), and churned out some of the best records of our time. Adele's 25? That was Mark. Dua Lipa's self-titled album? Mark's genius at work. Miley CyrusShe Is Coming? Mark's name is on that too! In addition to these major bodies of work, Mark also worked alongside BloodPop on producing Joanne, so there's a big chance he could return to assist Gaga with LG6.


            If you don't know who SOPHIE is, you better hop on board RTFN because this singer and songwriter is literally the future of pop music. SOPHIE wrote "Bitch, I'm Madonna" by Madonna, "1, 2, 3 Dayz Up" by Kim Petras, and produced a bunch of songs for Charli XCX. Basically, SOPHIE's oozing with talent, and Gaga has taken notice.

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            SOPHIE met up with fans after a concert in 2018, and a Little Monster asked if she was working with Gaga on something. Her answer? YES! "I work on a lot of different things. If it comes out then it's cool, but you can never tell. But yeah, she's a cool person," she said at the time.

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            Boys Noize

              This German electronic producer and DJ (whose real name is Alexander Ridha) caused Little Monsters to believe that some sort of collaboration with Gaga was on the horizon in 2018 after he and Gaga had a rather...interesting music-related Twitter exchange.

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              What Will This New Era Of Gaga Look Like?

              So far, the aesthetic is looking like a combination of neon pinks and futuristic details, which you can obsess over here, here, and below:

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              And that's everything we know about LG6 so far. Until Gaga feeds us more information like what the album will be called or when we can expect it to come out, we're just gonna have to keep buying her makeup so we can continue funding her eventual LG6 tour. *sigh*


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