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Lana Condor Opens Up About Eating Disorders And Body Dysmorphia

'I think it's time to give people comfort.'
  • Lana Condor is opening up about her past struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
  • Lana also explained why she thinks it's so important to post pictures of all the delish food she eats.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Lana Condor got so real and opened up about her past struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

Speaking to Elle Canada, Lana said she was a trained dancer and knows firsthand how the pressure to be a perfect performer can affect someone's body image. She said, "I know what it's like to have an eating disorder and body dysmorphia—and also what it's like to be a friend to someone who has that."

Lana explained how her friends get down on themselves about their bodies as well. She added, "I look at my friends, and I'm like, 'You're fucking gorgeous.' But they feel like they're fat and ugly. I don't know how this happened, that women feel like they need to apologize [for their physical imperfections]."

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Not gonna lie, it's hard to be fully comfortable with the way you look, but Lana wants to encourage people to be themselves, be healthy, and enjoy eating good food. She said, "I think it's time to give people comfort. You have to eat. You have to stop thinking that a certain body shape is ideal, because it’s not."

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Preach! She went on to say, "That's why I literally post about every meal I eat." Hear that? Lana definitely approves of you taking photos of all your meals—as if you needed another reason.

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