10 Halloween Costume Ideas Based On Your Favorite K-Dramas

We're getting inspo from old and new shows!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Weightlifting Fairy/MBC, (RIGHT) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo/SBS

It's that time of the year again, CGs! You probably have last-minute Halloween events to go to, and if you're a K-Drama fan, chances are, you and your friends might want to channel some of your favorite characters this October! Check out our suggestions below: 

1. Mi Ho from My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox 

You'll need: A staple white dress, which you probably have lying around somewhere! It's time to let your hair down a la Mi Ho. The nine tails are optional, but you could also play the iconic song "Fox Rain" from the show's OST in the background. 

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2. Ji Eun Tak from Goblin

You'll Need: A bright red scarf (her signature piece!), a sweater (could also be red), rosy cheeks, and a liking for guys with...swords stuck to them.  

3. Kang Mo Yeon from Descendants of the Sun

You'll Need: Her "field" outfit is iconic. You'll need combat boots, a green vest, and a medic's kit. You could also go with Mo Yeon's "doctor" look by wearing a white lab coat. 

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4. Kim Bok Joo from Weightlifting Fairy

You'll Need: Stuff that'll make you look like one adorable athlete! Prepare a varsity jacket, baggy silhouettes, and comfy shoes. 

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5. Any of the guys from Rooftop Prince

You'll Need: Three other people and matching red, yellow, blue, and green sweats. You wouldn't want to be caught walking around in this outfit alone, right? 

6. Cheon Song Yi from My Love From The Star

You'll Need: Oversized sunglasses, high heels, a selfie-ready phone, and a sassy attitude. What's great about this look is that it's pretty low-key—you could even treat it as an everyday peg!

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7. Se-hwa from Legend of The Blue Sea

You'll Need: A mermaid tail, if you could find one. This look is perfect if you want to be a mermaid but not THE Little Mermaid.  

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8. A member of royalty from the historical drama of your choice 

You'll Need: A hanbok, of course. Grab the chance to wear one and feel like a princess. Okay, so this one isn't really last-minute because you'd have to buy one or have it made, but at least you finally have an excuse to acquire your own hanbok, right? Here's one from the show Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo:

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9. A scholar from Sungkyunkwan Scandal

You'll Need: A different hanbok. Yes, female hanboks are nice and flowy and adorable, but if you're up for some cross-dressing, then you could be a student from the historical series Sungkyunkwan

Or, you could also be...

10. Hong Ra-on from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

You'll Need: A slightly different hanbok, and preferably one that's green. Also, don't forget the headpiece! Who knows, maybe you'll bump into your very own Crown Prince (a.ka. Park Bo Gum) on Halloween! 

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