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Here’s Why Lauren Reid Is Our New Girl Crush

She's totally our new fitspiration, too!
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino

1. Her Australian accent is the cutest thing ever!

Watch her A to Z video and listen to her pronounce Filipino words. You’ll be smitten right after.

2. She loves to work out.

Check out her numerous Instagram posts of busting out a sweat in the gym, and you’ll drop that cheeseburger for sure. Rock climbing, boxing, and biking are just some of the sports she’s tried and conquered. New fitspo alert!

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3. Her sense of style is TDF!

Her laidback fashion is simultaneously edgy and gorgeous AF! She can rock an outfit and pose just as well as top professional models. Let’s just say she has no problems in the #OOTD department.

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4. She’s supportive of her bro’s career.

James Reid is possibly the country’s most popular actor atm, and it’s thanks in large part to the support that his family, friends, and fans give him on a daily basis. Sister Lauren never fails to give a shout out or post a pic of James and partner Nadine Lustre when she gets the chance. Not to mention, she’s always goofing it up with her other brothers, too! Awwww! Sibling love!

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5. She can work a dance floor like it’s nobody’s business.

Just type in “Lauren Reid dancing” on Google, and marvel at videos of the rising star’s sick moves. Werq, girl!

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6. Although she can be one of the boys, she’s also kind of a girl’s girl.

Growing up around a lot of brothers is no joke. Trust, it can be tiring having a lot of boys running around, but it can build character, too!

7. She’s totally set to be the next It Girl.

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She’s already signed with Viva, the same camp that handles her brother. With her raw talent, beautiful facial features, and model-esque appeal, her potential to conquer the local showbiz industry is indubitable.