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ARMY, Get Ready: You Can Learn Korean With BTS Real Soon

Makes studying just a tad bit easier, doncha think?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Twitter/bts_bighit, (RIGHT) Youtube/Big Hit Labels

If you've been bitten by the Hallyu bug, then you've probably been curious to learn the Korean language or Hangul. As a lover of K-entertainment myself, I've personally made a few attempts to learn Korean by downloading a bunch of mobile apps. Did they help? Only at first, TBH, because there was just one thing missing: a hooka reason for me to stick it out and ~finally~ be one step closer to communicating with my idols.

And Big Hit Entertainment just gave it to us.

On February 4, Big Hit Entertainment held its annual corporate briefing and unveiled ~*exciting*~ news about the company's plans for 2020 and the near future: a variety of new BTS content (books, games, and "animated episodes"), 13-piece idol group SEVENTEEN joining the Weverse app, a new boy group debuting in 2022 under Big Hit, and a new girl group debuting in 2021 via SOURCE MUSIC, to name a few. Whew!

Youtube/Big Hit Labels

But one thing stood out the most: Learn Korean With BTS.

Big Hit founder and CEO Bang Shi Hyuk addressed how fans aren't able to "enjoy Big Hit content to the fullest due to the language barrier."

"Foreign media point out that there is 'more demand in learning Korean thanks to K-pop,' but there are only limited ways our fans could learn Korean with ease," he explained.

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So Big Hit's solution? They've created "Korean-learning media" using their artists' content for fans to learn the language. They'll first start the ~lessons~ with BTS content (music, shows, vlogs, etc.), then roll it out to their other artists.

Youtube/Big Hit Labels

Mark your calendars for March 'cause
Learn Korean With BTS is launching then! Now, who's ready to learn Hangul with me?


Watch Big Hit's full corporate briefing below:


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