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8 K-Dramas And Movies Starring 'Nevertheless' Actress Lee Ho Jung

Lee Ho Jung

Despite her limited screen time in Nevertheless, rising actress Lee Ho Jung has completely won us over, which is why we rounded up 10 fast facts any new fan should know about her. However, our deep dive into all things Ho Jung doesn't end there. While we wait for her to rightfully land her first main role, here are eight Korean dramas and movies featuring this promising model-actress.

TV Shows

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

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At the night of a total solar eclipse, a 25-year-old woman in the 21st century named Go Ha Jin magically finds herself in the year 941 during the Goryeo Dynasty. She falls into the body of 16-year-old Hae Soo who lives among the kingdom's ruling family and its 14 princes. Though she initially falls for the kind eighth prince Wang Wook, Hae Soo soon also ends up drawn to the ostracized and aloof fourth prince Wang So. Complications further arise when she ends up getting caught between the rivalry of the royals as they fight for the title of King.


The record-breaking series is Ho Jung's first-ever TV drama. Here, she plays a minor character named Ae Ra, Ha Jin's best friend from the 21st century, who betrays her by cheating with her boyfriend.

Also starring: IU, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Joon Gi

Night Light (2016)

Three greedy individuals battle for wealth and power in Night Light. The series centers on Seo Yi Kyung, a whip-smart businesswoman who wants to head her own enterprisel; Park Gun Woo, Yi Kyung's ex-lover, and the heir to a large company; and Lee Se Jin, a hardworking woman taking multiple jobs to rise out of poverty. For her part, Ho Jung portrays finance employee Son Ma Ri.

Also starring: Lee Yo Won, Yeo Jin Goo, Uee, Jung Hae In

Let Me Introduce Her (2018)

Watch on: Viu

This mystery melodrama follows Ji Eun Han, a woman who loses her memories after going through plastic surgery in hopes of getting herself a new face. Now unrecognizable to her peers, she must piece together her past on her own. That is, until Han Kang Woo, a heartbroken plastic surgeon, enters Eun Han's life and helps her regain her memories. 

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Also starring: Nam Sang Mi, Kim Jae Won, Jo Hyun Jae

Nevertheless (2021)

Watch on: Netflix

Nevertheless is a webtoon-based drama that tells the story of two anti-romantics, Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Eon, and how they end up in a friends-with-benefits relationship, which quickly turns complicated. Ho Jung's biggest role to date, she portrays Yoon Sool, a gifted art major in Na Bi's college, who's also secretly in love with her childhood bestfriend, Seo Ji Wan.

Also starring: Song Kang, Han So Hee, Chae Jong Hyeop, Yoon Seo Ah


Midnight Runners (2017)

Best friends Park Ki Joon and Kang Hee Yeol are trainees at the Korean National Police University. When they witness a kidnapping at midnight, they take matters into their own hands after realizing that the local police is too preoccupied to respond immediately. Ho Jung plays Lee Yoon Jung, the girl Ki Joon and Hee Yeol are trying to save.


Also starring: Park Seo Joon, Kang Ha Neul, Park Ha Sun, Sung Dong Il

The Battle Of Jangsari (2019)

Set during the Korean War, a guerrilla army unit and 772 student soldiers head out on a mission to deceive the North Koreans by feigning an invasion at Jangsari Beach. Portraying one of the soldiers in the film, Ho Jung shaved her long locks for the role. She also joined Megan Fox as the only two women credited in the lead cast.

Also starring: Kim Myung Min, Choi Min Ho, Megan Fox

Unalterable (2020)

Sang Gon, a lackey, climbs to the top of his gang after he forces their deceitful leader out of the position. Expecting to take control, he meets resistance and betrayal instead as he's made to face the consequences of his actions.

Also starring: Chung Jung Myung, Kim Ji Han, Lee Ha Yul, Lee Shi Ah

Hostage: Missing Celebrity (2021)

Jeong Min, a famous actor, is kidnapped during his film premiere. Thinking the whole thing is a prank, he takes the situation lightly, until his perpetrators brutally torture him. With the kidnappers demanding a hefty ransom, Jeong Min must figure out how to survive the ordeal, armed only with knowledge from his movies. The action thriller is a remake of the 2015 Chinese film Saving Mr. Wu.


Also starring: Hwang Jung Min, Shin Hyun Jong, Kang Deok Joong

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