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The 'Itaewon Class' Group Chat Only Proves They're The Cutest Cast Ever

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Park Seo Joon's hit K-drama Itaewon Class may have wrapped up last month, but we're definitely far from moving on from itand it seems like the cast themselves are feeling a bit of sepanx as well! According to Soompi, Lee Joo Young (aka Dan Bam's transgender cook) recently had an interview on the radio show Kim Young Chul's PowerFM where she spilled some interesting deets about her and the cast.

The 28-year-old actress revealed that the last person in the cast she talked to was actually Ahn Bo Hyun, aka the vilest chaebol in K-drama history (but don't worry he seems like a cool guy IRL, lol).

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"I think the last person I talked to was Ahn Bo Hyun," she said. "After the drama ended, I saw him on set while I was working on something else. We messaged each other later saying we'd worked hard and promising to send photos we'd taken together."

Joo Young went to share that the castspecifically the Dan Bam crewhave a super lit group chat. "The Dan Bam family has our own group chat, and we use it every day. There are so many messages piling up that I turned off my notifications." OMG, who do you think is the most active one? PSJ perhaps?

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She also said that they have two other GCs: one for those who are the same age and another with everyone including their director (which she jokingly said she wants to leave, haha!).

She wrapped up the topic by saying, "I'm trying to forget Itaewon Class but I can't." Aww, we feel you Joo Young!


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