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7 K-Dramas You Need To Watch Starring Baeksang's Best Actor Lee Junho

This K-pop idol is also an award-winning actor!
7 Must-Watch Lee Jun Ho Dramas

Before Lee Junho became the award-winning actor that he is now, he debuted as part of the legendary second-generation K-pop group 2PM under JYP Entertainment. He's a certified triple threat: He can sing, dance, and act! And well, we can't deny that he's got the good looks to match his overflowing talent. Through the years, we've seen Junho act in both K-dramas and K-movies, but we have a soft spot for his work on the small screen (more episodes = more chances to bask in his handsomeness). Read on to check out his K-dramas:

Early projects

1. Memory (2016)

Who else is in it: Lee Sung Min, Kim Ji Soo, Park Jin Hee

This melodrama tells the story of Park Tae Suk (Sung Min), a brilliant, cutthroat lawyer who discovers he has Alzheimer's disease. Suddenly, he's caught in a race against time as he struggles to take care of his family and maintain his career. Junho plays Jung Jin, a prickly junior associate with impeccable sense when it comes to work. They develop an interesting bromance that will keep you on your toes!

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160302 tvN Memory (2PM Junho)

2. Good Manager (2017)

Who else is in it: Namgoong Min, Nam Sang Mi, Jung Hye Sung

For his next role, Junho takes on another workplace drama, this time with veteran actor Namgoong Min at the helm. Min plays Kim Sung Ryong, an accountant with a history of working for the mob. Despite his seemingly unsavory background, he gets hired as TQ Group's accounting department chief. He becomes an unlikely hero in the workplace as he finds himself accidentally fighting for employeesrights. Junho plays antagonist Seo Yul, TQ's finance director, surprising everyone by holding his own against Min’s amazing acting. We lived for Seo Yul's food scenes in the drama—and boy, there were a lot of them! Junho ended up winning an Excellence Award for Acting at the KBS Drama Awards for his role. 

Good Manager | [Teaser - Ver.2]

3. Rain or Shine (2017)

Who else is in it: Won Jin Ah, Lee Ki Woo, Kang Han Na

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After playing a supporting role and a villainous role, Junho gets his chance to be the leading man this time around in this romantic melodrama. He plays Lee Kang Doo, an aspiring professional soccer player who ends up putting his dreams on hold after a tragic accident claims his father's life and leaves him with injuries. He finds his match in Ha Moon Soo (Jin Ah), a woman with a similarly tragic family background. Their feelings for each other bloom as they start opening up to each other.

Rain or Shine | Trailer | Watch FREE

4. Wok Of Love (2018)

Who else is in it: Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won

This hilarious rom-com will have you rooting for our group of misfits! Junho is Seo Poong, a brilliant chef at a restaurant at the prestigious Giant Hotel. When he ends up getting fired through no fault of his own, he gets his second wind as the co-owner of a small Chinese resto beside the hotel, the Hungry Wok. Working with him are Doo Chil Sung (Hyuk), a former gangster who runs Hungry Wok, and Dan Sae Woo (Ryeo Won), a bankrupt heiress.

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Wok of Love | Trailer | Viu

5. Confession (2019)

Who else is in it: Yoo Jae Myung, Shin Hyun Been, Nam Gi Ae

This legal drama-slash-thriller is everything we love about suspense dramas. Junho is Choi Do Hyun, a boy with a weak heart. When he finally gets his turn for a heart transplant, his operation is successful—but his father becomes a murder suspect and ends up on death row. Do Hyun vows to prove his father's innocence and becomes a lawyer. But as he learns more about the case, he realizes things aren't as straightforward as he thinks. Will he give up his principles in the end? Can he outsmart the real culprit before it's too late?

confession [4] 190208 EP.0

Recent project

6. The Red Sleeve (2021)

Who else is in it: Lee Se Young, Kang Hoon

In this historical drama, Junho plays crown prince Yi San who eventually becomes King Jeongjo, king of Joseon. He falls in love with Seong Deok Im (Se Young), a court lady who wants to remain free to live her life. It’s a battle of wills as the king insists she become his concubine. The series was so successful it received a one-episode extension, and it turned Junho into a household name. He also won several awards for his role, including Best Actor at the Korea PD Awards and the Top Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Awards.

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[Trailer] The Red Sleeve starring 2PM Junho & Lee Se Young | Coming to Viu on 13 Nov

Future project

7. King The Land (2022)

Who else is in it: Girls' Generation's Yoona

Fans were abuzz after Junho and Yoona hosted the 2021 MBC Music Festival in December. They had such obvious chemistry! Now, months later, it’s been confirmed that they’ll be starring in a new rom-com together called King the Land. According to Soompi, Junho will play Goo Won, the heir to the King Group, a conglomerate with hotels and airlines under its belt. He's got a head for business, but he sucks at dating and ends up falling for anyone with a nice smile. Yoona plays Cheon Sa Rang, who starts working at the King Hotel, driven by happy memories from her childhood. Will Goo Won finally meet the right woman when their paths cross?


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