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This Is The Closest You Can Get To A Date With Lee Min Ho

PHOTO: YouTube/innisfree

We don’t know why we’re *only* seeing this now—an entire week since it has been released—but OMG! You’re definitely going to want to book a ticket to Seoul right away after watching this:

Yup, that’s dream boy Lee Min Ho taking you on a magnificent tour of Jeju Island! Sounds far-fetched? Not to the folks at Innisfree. The Korean beauty brand has created a virtual reality experience called “Someday in Jeju”—and it just might be the fangirl experience to top all fangirl experiences.

Like the lucky fans in the video, you’ll get to put on a set of Virtual Reality goggles and go through some ­kilig­-inducing moments with Innisfree ambassador Min Ho. Running away from the paparazzi in a fancy car? Walking hand in hand through glorious green fields? Hiding in a gloomy forest? All in a day’s work for someone dating such a big celebrity! (LOL.)

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The catch, of course, is that this is only available at Innisfree’s newly opened location in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. So unless you’ve already planned an autumn escape to Seoul, you’d have to make do with watching the video over and over (this time, with English subs!). 

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