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'CLOY' Actor Lee Shin Young's Agency Responds To Those Bullying Rumors

'He has never been involved in anything related to the content written in the anonymous community.'
PHOTO: instagram/leesin_y

Even though he *almost* never speaks, Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom in Crash Landing On You has made a kilig mark on our hearts. In fact, the actor who plays him, 22-year-old Lee Shin Young, is actually starring in a new K-drama soon

However, controversy surrounded the rookie actor when recent online posts claimed that Shin Young was involved in a bullying incident when he was still in school. One person even said: "I'm [only going to share] what I saw for sure. He kicked his classmate three times during break in the first year of middle school just because he stared at him. Then he gathered his close friends and verbally abused him." 


Shin Young's agency, Forest Entertainment, has released a statement regarding the issue.  According to Soompi, Forest Entertainment said that they "checked the content of the posts" and confirmed that "he has never been involved in anything related to the content written in the anonymous community."

The agency added: "However, if anyone was hurt by reckless words and actions in middle school, he would like to apologize to them. We would also like to relay apologies to the senior actors and production crew who are working hard in the cold for the drama [who are affected by] our actor's behavior during his immature days." 

Forest Entertainment asked everyone to "refrain from malicious slander" and stated that they would take legal action against those spreading false information.   

Following this statement, two of the individuals who made the claims publicly apologized. One person said that the incident was a long time ago and that he/she wasn't sure if Shin Young was really involved, while another stated that he had a fight with the actor in middle school, but it was quickly resolved. 

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