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Just 10 Super Cute Pics Of Lee Sian, aka Daebak

He's all grown up!
PHOTO: instagram/supermom_sujin

The Return of Superman fans first fell in love with Lee Sian aka Daebak when he was just a baby who couldn’t even walk or talk. We literally saw him grow up through the show and he became known as the cute little maknae of the Lee family who was always pranked by his soccer superstar dad, Lee Donggook. Now, Sian—he refused to be called Daebak when he was doing the show!—is six years old and still adorable as ever. His parents regularly post photos and videos of him and his sisters, much to our delight. They also have a YouTube channel called DAEBAKTV! Here, we rounded up just 10 super cute and nakakagigil photos of of Sian:

Here he is with his famous panda head warmer during that episode when he had to kick the ball at his dad’s game.

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Sian and appa on their trip together. He’s literally Lee Donggook’s mini-me!

Another throwback photo: Look how tiny he was!

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His mom rang in the New Year with this cute photo of the too Lee men donning the number 20 on their jerseys! Cute!

Just Sian casually posing with a stuffed animal, lol!

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Posing with desserts—we’d do the same, tbh.

Goofing around with his dad on the field—so cute!

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We mean, how epic is this? An actual tent inside their house to kill boredom!

Twinning hairstyles with appa? Check!

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Omg, he’s literally his dad’s mini-me! Check out this side by side comparison:

For reference, look at how small he was when we first appeared on the show!

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