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Leila Alcasid's Mom Michelle Van Eimeren Absolutely *Adores* Her Boyfriend Curtismith


In her new vlog, Leila Alcasid took viewers around her hometown in Australia. Leila, who currently lives in Manila, visited her family in Australia for her sister Sarah Alcasid’s birthday. The singer spent the day with Sarah, their mom, Michelle van Eimeren, and their dads, Ogie Alcasid and Mark Morrow, who is Michelle’s husband.

With her super cute Aussie accent, Leila talked about checking out cars for Sarah and finding out that her sister had a boyfriend—her first one. “She was too scared to tell me, so mom told me. No one has met him, and I was like, this is not acceptable, so I arranged for us to meet him. He’s joining us for dinner,” said Leila. Her mom said it was unfortunate that “we don’t have Mito here,” referring to Leila’s boyfriend, Mito Fabie aka rapper Curtismith.


At around the nine-minute mark, her mom kept playfully interrupting Leila to say how much she adored Mito. The 1994 Miss Australia said, “Love Mito; he’s family. I want to keep him. I love Mito. I love Mito. Sorry, did I say that too much? Love you, Mito.” All that Leila could say? “Mom!” LOL!

Last month, Ogie talked about Leila having a boyfriend and joked, “E ako, natuwa ba ako?” The singer had such a classic dad vibe as he talked about his daughter being in a relationship. So cute!

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