Some People Think Leila Alcasid Dissed Elisse Joson On Twitter

She was criticizing something else!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/leilaalcasid, (RIGHT) Instagram/elissejosonn

On March 8, singer Leila Alcasid tweeted, “The hot guy falling for [a] chubby/plain girl storyline is way too overdone. Attraction is subjective and should not be reduced to physical attributes alone. How sucky!!!!!!!”

The tweet, already deleted, caught some backlash. User @kLowiiiii_ replied, “Sorry but I’m amazed at how intellectual and righteous you want to sound with this tweet and yet also downright and equally hypocritical. It’s a story of REAL people—not a made up ‘storyline.’ Calling people’s stories “sucky” is a little bit offensive don’t you think?”

@kLowiiiii_ is referring to the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode titled “Tomorrow,” which stars Elisse Joson, who plays a “chubby girl” that falls for a “hot guy” played by Kit Thompson.

Leila replied, “I’m not criticizing the episode nor the people involved since I’m aware it is based on a real story. Rather, the idea that it’s even surprising for someone to go for a ‘chubby’ person, when the physical ideals we attach to people are subjective anyway.”

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She further clarified, “This idea is also what I was referring to when I used the word sucky, not any person in particular :) I’m certainly not trying to sound intellectual or righteous because this is simply my opinion, but I apologize for voicing it and offending anyone. Hope you can understand!! :)”

Leila does have a point, and other people actually share the same sentiment about the episode.

Still, some users didn’t let Leila’s criticism pass, as they bring to her attention Elisse’s writeup on what “Tomorrow” is about.

Leila then says again that she wasn’t attacking anyone, much less Elisse.

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