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Leila Alcasid On Having An Eating Disorder: 'I was constantly told I wasn’t thin enough'

It took her years to learn how to love her body.
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/leilalcasid

If you're someone who has struggled with body insecurities at one point in your life, then you'll find some comfort from the experience of Leila Alcasid who recently opened up about her ordeal with an eating disorder. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she shared how her insecurities have pushed her to do unhealthy things to her body for the past few years.

"Over the last few years, I've received lots of messages asking about my weight loss and how I managed it, and I never really knew how to answer. I have a long and frustrating history with an eating disorder, and was never quite able to look at my body with kindness and love."

According to Leila, she had subjected herself to intense diets that stopped her from giving the right nourishment and care that her body needs. This made her have second thoughts in advising anyone because she didn't want other people to be "so cruel to themselves."


"My weight has fluctuated greatly over the last 5 years and it has ultimately ruled my life... I was constantly told I wasn't thin enough, even when I was eating so little. I allowed the opinion of others to have such a grip on me, and it was incredibly damaging."

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She also shared that she finally got the courage to talk about this now because she has finally learned to love herself regardless of her size.

"Now, I am at a place where I can say I love my body regardless of the bumps, curves, and stretch marks. I move to feel strong, and eat to feel nourished."

However, she did admit that she is constantly working on this mindset and that there are times when she still struggles.

"To anyone who looks at Instagram photos and can't help but compare, don't feel down. Remember that you are strong and beautiful. Life is too short."

Her post garnered heart-warming support from her followers, including her mother, Michelle Van Eimeren.

The former beauty queen who shares Leila with her father Ogie Alcasid commented: "My darling Leila, I have watched you battle through the ups and downs, and I have always been so grateful and proud of your tenacity to never give up. You are a beautiful young woman, I love you so very much. There [are] so many good things in your life and so much to look forward to, continue being kind to yourself."


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