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This Girl Just Got The Largest Boob Job Ever

From an A-cup to a double D-cup!

MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” star Lindsey Harrison recently went under the knife in an attempt to drastically increase her bust size.

The 21-year-old literally grew a huge set of breasts overnight from an A-cup to a double D-cup after she received 800cc silicone implants, the Daily Mail reported.

These implant sizes were the largest an individual could get in the United States. 

According to Lindsey, her breasts naturally increased up to a double D-cup size after her pregnancy.

But her breasts “deflated” following the breastfeeding of her child which is why she wanted to get the implants.

She also said the deflation left a lot of stretch marks on her boobs which she wants to reverse through the procedure.

The operation was recorded by Dr. Michael Salzhauer who explained that they actually had to use a 750cc silicone implant in one of Lindsey’s boobs because it was naturally larger than the other.

Below are before and after snaps showing the results.


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