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LINK LOVE: Big Celebs To Perform In Haiti Fundraiser; KC Concepcion To Do A Movie With Dad!

It’s a busy week for showbiz! Here’s the hottest buzz.
  • GMA News reports that U2 frontman Bono, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Justin Timberlake are just a few of the stars who will be performing at the Hope For Haiti fundraiser. Celebrities have been rallying to help the country after a devastating earthquake left it in ruins. Hollywood star George Clooney told the press that over 40 celebrities are attending the event.

  • Amy Winehouse is at it again! The controversial singer was charged with assault, and how did she plead? Guilty! Reports say she assaulted a theater manager who asked her to leave a performance because she’d had too much to drink. She’s been trying to say “no, no, no” to drinking since the incident, though. Good for you, Amy!

  • Gerald Anderson says his relationship with Kim Chiu is way beyond friendship. Tell us something we don’t already know! Well, Gerald says he’s sick of giving safe answers to showbiz questions. “Sa point of view ko, tapos na kami sa friendship,” the young actor told the press. Maybe it’s an “MU”?

  • Fans of KC Concepcion have something interesting to look forward to in 2010! The lovely young star will be making a movie with her dad, Gabby Concepcion, for the very first time. And her leading man for this upcoming production? The gorgeous Jericho Rosales!

  • Our very own Lea Salonga is all set to join the Australian production of the hit Broadway musical CATS, reports Inquirer. The rest of the cast is very excited that the voice behind beloved characters like Miss Saigon’s Kim and Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine will be singing with them.

  • Is Heidi Montag from MTV’s The Hills addicted to plastic surgery? She’s had 10 procedures done since November 20, 2009 and now looks like a completely different person. Montag says that she was barely able to speak normally or move her face post-op and that she almost died! Yikes!

  • Roxanne Guinoo recently pulled out of an afternoon teleserye after a day of shooting because she wasn’t sure she wanted to do love scenes. Reports say it was a personal choice, and that although she discussed it at length with network execs, she still stuck with her decision to back out of Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal?

  • Conan O’Brien is ending his very brief Tonight Show run this Friday, reports say. After tons of network drama because of his refusal to push his show back half an hour, O’Brien is leaving NBC. He’s going out with guns blazing, though! Most talk show hosts like to end with big name guests, and with high profile superstars like Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, and Barry Manilow on his list, it looks like Conan plans to go out with a bang, and a $45 million payout!
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