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All The Highly-Anticipated 2021 K-Dramas That We're Excited To Watch

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List of K-dramas 2021
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The new year brings a lot of new things, including K-dramas that will keep us up all night again! You guys, wala nanaman tulugan and I know we’re all here for it, amirite?? So prepare your devices, internet connections, and ~*feels*~, and mark your calendars for the most-anticipated K-dramas that you have to watch this 2021.

2021 K-dramas with confirmed cast members:

Mount Jiri

Who’s in it: Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Oh Jung Se, Sung Dong Il

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Mount Jiri is a mystery drama that centers on individuals who climbed the tallest mountain in South Korea at the same name. And can we talk about that star-studded cast? Wow.

K-drama: Mount Jiri
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Who’s in it: Song Joong Ki, Jeong Yeo Bin, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Kwak Dong Yeon

Release date: February 20, 2021

What we know so far: This K-drama will air on Netflix! The storyline follows the life of an Italian lawyer-slash-Mafia-consigliere named Vincenzo Cassano, who returns to his home country and meets a lawyer named Hong Cha Young. 

K-drama: Vincenzo
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The Sea of Silence

Who’s in it: Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Lee Joon, Jung Woo Sung

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: According to Netflix, The Sea Of Silence is set in the future, and is about the "members of a special team sent to secure a mysterious sample from an abandoned research facility on the moon."


Who’s in it: Jung Hae In, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Kim Hye Yoon, Yoon Se Ah

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: JTBC's first teaser, which was posted on October 5, tells us that the Snowdrop will be set in 1987 Seoul. It will tell the story of university student Young Cho (Jisoo), who secretly takes care of an injured man named Im Suho in secret. And that's when their love story starts. 

K-drama: Snowdrop
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Hospital Playlist 2

Who’s in it: Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Jeon Mi Do, Kim Dae Myung

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: We have a lot to say about how lovely the first season of this K-drama is and how excited we are for Hospital Playlist season two, so just read our honest review right here.

K-drama: Hospital Playlist
Hospital Playlist/tvN
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Who’s in it: Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Ju Hyun, Kyung Soo Jin

Release date: March 3, 2021

What we know so far: The series Mouse involves psychopaths, DNA tests, a fetus in a mother’s womb, police officers, and a high school student. Interesting!

K-drama: Mouse
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Beyond Evil

Who’s in it: Yeo Jin Goo, Shin Ha Kyun, Choi Dae Hoon

Release date: February 2021

What we know so far: Another psychological thriller to add to our list, this K-drama follows two detectives who are on a quest to hunt down a serial killer who questions everyone around them, even themselves.

K-drama: Beyond Evil
Beyond evil/jtbc
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She Would Never Know

Who’s in it: SF9’s Rowoon, Won Ji Ah

Release date: January 18, 2021

What we know so far: She Would Never Know is based on the web novel, Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick and is about two officemates in a cosmetics company who have a sunbae-hoobae (junior-senior) relationship.

K-drama: She Would Never Know
she would never know/jtbc
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My Roommate Is A Gumiho

Who’s in it: Lee Hyeri, Jang Ki Yong, Kang Han Na, Kim Do Wan, Bae In Hyuk

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: A college student *accidentally* swallow a gumiho’s marble and to continue their lives, they must become roomies. Start-Up actors Kang Han Na and Kim Do Wan are also confirmed to join the cast!

K-drama: My Roommate Is A Gumiho
my roommate is a gumiho/iqiyi
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Who’s in it: Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Hak Joo, Park Hee Soon 

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: In search of an answer to his father’s death, the leading lady becomes an undercover agent who has major plans for revenge in this Netflix original series. Undercover is the first project of Han So Hee—you remember her from A World Of Married Couple—and Itaewon Class' Ahn Bo Hyun.

Youth Of May

Who’s offered the role: Lee Do Hyun, Go Min Si, Lee Sang Yi, Geum Sae Rok

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Soompi describes the upcoming series as a retro romance drama that is "...set to highlight the passion that underlies the group of young adults living through May 1980, a historically significant time period in Korea."

Law School

Who’s in it: Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, Kim Myung Min, Lee Jung Eun

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Release date: First half of 2021

What we know so far: A legal thriller set on campus, a number of law students find themselves in a peculiar case along with their law professors. Law School stars Tale Of The Nine-Tailed's Kim Bum and Reply 1988's Ryu Hye Young.

K-drama: Law School

River Where The Moon Rises

Who’s in it: Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Kang Ha Neul

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Release date: First half of 2021

What we know so far: The historical drama focuses on a princess who aspires to be the leader of Goryeo, who later on realized her feelings for the man that she once planned to use to her advantage. It will be available on Viu.

K-drama: River Where The Moon Rises
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Kingdom: Ashin Of The North

Who’s in it: Jun Ji Hyun, Park Byung Eun

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Definitely one of the most highly-anticipated K-dramas of next year, this special episode of Kingdom will reveal the backstory of Ashin and what lies behind the resurrection plant.

Kingdom: Ashin Of The North
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Who’s in it: Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, So Ji Arai, Kaho Minami

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: From the bestselling novel of the same name, Pachinko is a project by Apple TV+ with eight episodes.


Who’s in it: Yoo Ah In, Won Ji Ah, Park Jung Min

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Directed by Yeon Sang Ho, who also oversaw Train To Busan, the Netflix original series Hell is “where humans face a supernatural phenomenon that could be a miracle or a curse,” according to Soompi.


Who’s in it: Lee Joo Young, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Young Chul, Moon Jung Hee

Release date: February 20, 2021

What we know so far: A drama about politics,Times returns to an incident from five years ago when a reporter seeks the truth about her father who passed away, who was also a reporter before becoming president.

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K-drama: Times

Money Heist 

Who’s in it: Yoo Ji Tae, Jeon Jong So

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Set in Seoul, the 12-episode Korean version of Money Heist is said to be a “giant in the fantasy-crime genre,” according to Netflix.

One Day, Destruction Came To My Front Door 

Who’s in it: Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Lee So Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, Shin Do Hyun

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Release date: TBA

What we know so far: The tvN fantasy romance drama is written by Im Me-ari, who also wrote Beauty Inside, and will tell the story of a man who has the ~*power*~ to make everything he touches disappear.


Who’s in it: Noh Jong Hyun, Seo Ji Hoon, Ahn Ji Ho, Seo Young Joo, Kim Yoon Woo, Jung Woo Jin, Jeon Jin Seo

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: ARMYs, this one’s for you. Youth may have the same names as the BTS members, but it is said that their stories are fictional.


Who’s in it: NCT’s Jaehyun, Park Hye Soo, Noh Jung Ui, Bae Hyun Sung, UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk, CLC’s Eunbin, Woo Davi, Lee Jung Shik, Hwang Bo Reum Byul, and Jo Joon Young

Release date: February 26, 2021

What we know so far: Who is M? That’s what you’ll soon find out in this K-drama which is a “spin-off of the hit web drama series, Love Playlist.

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K-drama: Dear.M

Oh! Master

Who’s in it: Lee Min Ki, Nana

Release date: March 2021

What we know so far: Oh! Master is a rom-com series about an actress and drama writer who has different views about dating.

Joseon Exorcist

Who’s in it: Jang Dong Yoon, Kam Woo Sung, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Dong Jun, Jung Hye Sung, Lee Yoo Bi

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Release date: TBA

What we know so far: The SBS drama is set after the Joseon Dynasty and will show how the supernatural came back to life after they were slain by the higher-ups. Interesting!

Sisyphus: The Myth

Who’s in it: Park Shin Hye, Cho Sung Woo

Release date: February 17, 2021

What we know so far: The fantasy drama celebrates JTBC’s 10th anniversary and is about an engineer’s dangerous journey who happens to have a savior beside him. It's going to be show on Netflix!

K-drama: Sisyphus: The Myth
jtbc/sisyphus: the myth
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Monthly House

Who’s in it: Jung So Min, Kim Ji Suk

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: In South Korea, housing is an important topic and this K-drama will reveal what it’s like. 

Deluxe Taxi

Who’s in it: APRIL’s Naeun, Lee Je Hoon, Esom

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: A manhwa (webtoon) adaptation, Deluxe Taxi brings us to the life of taxi drivers who are willing to plot vengeance for their passengers.

School 2021

Who’s in it: WEi’s Kim Yo Han

Release date: First half of 2021

What we know so far: Formerly School 2020, the KBS drama was changed into School 2021. Will keep you updated with the new narrative of this series!

Move To Heaven

Who’s in it: Lee Je Hoon, Tang Jun Sang

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Move To Heaven will move us with its heartwarming story of an ex-convict who takes care of his nephew with Asperger’s syndrome. The show will be available on Netflix, and Lee Jae Wook and Ji Jin Hee will make special cameos.

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A Person Similar To You

Who’s in it: Go Hyun Jung

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Soompi describes this K-drama as a story “...about a woman who is devoted to her desires and another woman who loses the light in her life due to the other. The drama will be about the affair, betrayal, corruption, and revenge that follows their meeting.”

Red Sky

Who’s in it: Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Yoo Jung, Kwak Si Yang, Gong Myung

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: This historical drama takes place in the Joseon period, and is derived from the novel of the same name, written by Jung Eun Gwol, who's also behind the books-turned-dramas, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon Embracing The Sun.

K-drama: Red Sky
YouTube/SBS Drama
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Who’s in it: Jung Hae In, Son Seok Gu, Kim Sung Kyung,

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: D.P stands for Deserter Pursuit and is a webtoon adaptation by Kim Bo Tong. The storyline is focused on a young man who is enlisted in the military and how he became a part of a special squad. It will be shown on Netflix!

Yumi's Cells

Who’s in it: Kim Go Eun

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: According to Soompi, the webtoon-adapted drama "...will tell the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi—from the point of view of the many brain cells in her head controlling her every thought, feeling, and action."

That Night

Who’s in it:  Kim Soo Hyun

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: After turning down the cast offer for the Netflix thriller Finger, it was recently confirmed that Kim Soo Hyun will lead the remake of BBC's Criminal Justice. He will play the role of a college student who was suddenly suspected as the prime offender of a murder case.

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The Glory

Who’s in it:  Song Hye Kyo

Release date: End of 2021 or first half of 2022

What we know so far: Hallyu queen Song Hye Kyo will be reunited with Descendants Of The Sun writer Kim Eun Sook, who will pen her upcoming K-drama. It will be directed Ahn Gil Ho, who oversaw Memories Of The Alhambra and Record Of Youth.

The Uncanny Counter 2

Who’s in it: Jo Byeong Gyu, Kim Sejeong, Yeom Hye Ran, Yoo Joon Sang 

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Great news, The Uncanny Counter fans: Our fave group of demon slayers will come back for the second season of the record-breaking webtoon-based drama

The Uncanny Counter writer has left halfway through the drama
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Disqualified As A Human

Who’s in it: Ryu Jun Yeol, Jeon Do Yeon

Release date: Second half of 2021

What we know so far: The melodrama focuses on the lives of individuals who feel like they haven't achieved anything yet. Jung Ryeol will play the character of Kang Jae, "a 27-year-old man who runs a service in which people act as the roles that customers require." On the other hand, Do Yeon becomes Boo Jung, a ghostwriter who has lost her zest in life after a certain hardship.

Love Scene Number

Who’s in it: Kim Bo Ra, Shim Eun Woo, Han Joon Woo

Release date: February 1, 2021

What we know so far: An MBC drama with eight episodes, Love Scene Number is about four female characters and their stories about their principles, dating, and love life.

K-drama: Love Scene Number
Love Scene Number/MBC
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Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)

Who’s in it:  Sung Hoon, Lee Ga Ryung, Lee Tae Gon, Park Joo Mi, Jeon No Min, Jun Soo Kyung

Release date: January 23, 2021

What we know so far: If you love the K-drama A World Of Married Couple, then you will certainly enjoy Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce. The series is currently on Netflix and shows the life of married couples and the struggles they encounter in their relationships.

K-drama: Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)
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Who’s in it: Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung

Release date: First half of 2021

What we know so far: Soompi describes Mine as "a story about strong and ambitious women who overcome society’s prejudice to discover what’s truly theirs." It will be written by Baek Mi Kyung, who wrote Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Melting Me Softly. As for the K-drama's director, it's Lee Na Jung, who also oversaw Fight For My Way and Love Alarm

The Penthouse 2

Who’s in it: Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Kim Hyun Soo, Kim Young Dae, Yoon Jong Hoon, 

Release date: February 19, 2021

What we know so far: The crazy K-drama is set for a crazier second season! The trailer for The Penthouse 2 already got us intrigued with its scandal-filled scenes and we can't wait when it finally drops on Viu.

'The Penthouse' reveals season two trailer
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Who’s in it: Song Kang, Park In Hwan, Na Moon Hee, and Hong Seung Hee 

Release date: TBA

What we know so far: Adapted from the manhwa of the same name, Navillera revolves around a 23-year-old ballet dancer named Chae Rok, and a 70-year-old man retired mailman who dreams of doing ballet for a long time.

K-drama: Navillera
YouTube/tvN DRAMA
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Other 2021 K-dramas and their rumored cast members:


Rumored cast members: Kim Seon Ho, Moon Ga Young

Kim Seon Ho

Mr. Hong

Rumored cast members: Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho

Devil’s Judge

Rumored cast members: Ji Sung, GOT7’s Jinyoung


Rumored cast members: Seo Ye Ji, Kim Nam Gil, Im Siwan

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Seo Ye Ji

I Know But

Rumored cast members: Han So Hee, Song Kang


Rumored cast members: Jo In Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Cha Tae Hyun

Woman Of Crisis

Rumored cast members: Gong Hyo Jin

You Are My Spring

Rumored cast members: Seo Hyun Jin

Now We Are Breaking Up

Rumored cast members: Song Hye Kyo

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Song Hye Kyo

Bossam Stealing Fate

Rumored cast members: Girl’s Generation’s Yuri, Jung Il Woo

Daebak Real Estate

Rumored cast members: Jang Nara, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa

Until The Morning Comes

Rumored cast members: Jung Yu Mi, Han Su Kyu

Dal Li And Gamja-tang

Rumored cast members: Lee Jae Wook, Park Gyu Young

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Park Gyu Young

The Fairy And The Bald Idol

Rumored cast members: Jang Dong Yoon

Tale Of The Secret Royal Inspector And Jo Yi

Rumored cast members: Jo Byeong Gyu

Jo Byeong Gyu
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Seen From A Distance, Green Spring

Rumored cast members: Park Ji Hoon


Rumored cast members: Lee Kwang Soo

Black Sun

Rumored cast members: Nam Goong Min

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