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Why Little Mix Members Always Wear Leotards While Performing

And it makes perfect sense.
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Little Mix has received a fair amount of flak recently due to the revealing costumes they wear on stage, with some critics deeming them "too sexy" for some of their young fans.

But along with her bandmates, Jade Thirlwall has had enough and explained exactly why their go-to ensemble is a leotard when performingand it all makes perfect sense.

Belting out hit songs after hit song, all while executing some pretty impressive dance routines, is pretty gruelling to say the least. Tougher than a spin class at your local gym in fact, so it's fair to say the girls feel the heat.

Speaking to Mail Online, Jade explained: "I don't think we're sexing ourselves up. We're sweating our tits off on stage and we want to wear leotards!"

Continuing to defend herself and her fellow Little Mix bandmates, she added: "It's comfortable to dance in and we're doing an hour and a half set, we're not going to come on to the stage in a tracksuitit's just not practical."

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Perrie Edwards was also quick to get in on the chat, insisting that the four-strong girl group would no doubt face some kind of criticism whatever they were wearing. 

"We could wear a frickin' bin liner (trash bag) on stage and people complain," Perrie blasted. "We could wear a full bodysuit...We've been in the industry for six years, we're tired of it all now and all the comments."

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Hear hear, girls. We're backing you all the way. Though, TBF, if anyone could carry off a bin liner, it would be you...

We've always championed Little Mix for being so down to earth. For a start, this gallery of the girls with no makeup proves just why they're like us. But we also love that their bodies aren't the result of any ridiculous fad diets or barmy fitness plans.

While they all turn to "chicken and veg" when they're trying to be healthy, Jade, Perrie, Jesy, and Leigh-Anne also like a sneaky treat every once in a while.

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Jesy recently told us: "I can't live my life not having any cheat days. I'll be healthy and then just occasionally I'll have the bad cheat day."

Perrie is also a big advocate of a little indulgence every once in a while. She added: "I love anything savory. Curries. Pasta. Mince and dumplings. Any stodgy food. Any Northern home cooked food."

Keep up the good work, girls. And give those leotards an extra shimmy next time you hit the stage.


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