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13 ~New Things~ We Learned About Liza Soberano In Her First Vlog

She's the most adorable ~YouTuber~ ever!

It's finally here: Liza Soberano dropped her much-awaited first vlog on her YouTube channel, Life With Liza, over the weekend! The Kapamilya actress started off with the video "Liza Answers Your Questions" where answered Qs she gathered from her supporters on Twitter and Instagram. Although our dear Hopie was just a tad bit shy at first, she did eventually warm up on-cam and was adorable in her new role as a ~YouTuber~. We learned a lot of brand new facts about Liza from the video, so check out the list below.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for Enrique Gil 'cause he made a cameo in the vid!

1. Liza doesn't play the guitar anymore but would like to get back into it soon! "Sayang naman pinagaralan ko," she said.

2. The BTS member she identifies with the most is Jin! According to Liza, they both have the same snarky humor and play the ~older sibling~ role in their group of friends.


3. Liza has only watched these four K-dramas: Itaewon Class, Hotel Del Luna, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and Boys Over Flowers.

4. Quen says "I love you" more than Liza: "He's more showy and affectionate than I am, but he knows that I love him. I'm more of the type of person that shows my love through my actions. not through wordswhich sometimes can be a lot more meaningful."

5. Her dream content with Quen? A K-pop reaction video or a dance video (Liza's actually taking dance classes with G-Force)!

6. On the ~kissing scale~, Liza is a 10/10 according to Quen. *wink*

7. Her favorite rappers are Eminem, BTS' Suga, and Andrew E.

8. Her go-to comfort food? Instant noodles!

9. Apart from her family and loved ones, Quen inspires her the most to keep a positive outlook on life: "Quen is one of the most positive people I've ever met in my life…Quen always reminds me to look at the brighter side of everything. Sometimes I feel like, oh my gosh, wala na ako magagawa, but he always enlightens me on the things that I can do if it's whatever I'm struggling with."

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10. Her favorite Psychology classes she's taken so far: Theories Of Personalities and Intro To Counselling.

11. The travel destinations she and Quen plan to go to next are Africa, Jerusalem, and Greece!

12. Her top three BTS songs: "Save Me", "Black Swan", and "Mic Drop".

13. She's always thought that Forevermore deserves a Part 2! "I miss Agnes and Xander. They're probably my most favorite characters ever."

Check out the full video of “Liza Answers Your Questions” below:


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