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Wow! Liza Soberano Reveals She's *Taking* Korean Language Lessons

The actress expressed her plans to enter the Korean entertainment industry.
Liza Soberano Is Taking Korean Language Lessons
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

Liza Soberano has been in the industry for more than a decade now, and she already has a number of accolades under her belt. However, it seems like her dreams and ambitions are reaching far beyond the Philippine entertainment industry. Rumor has it that the talented actress has set her sights on an entirely different challenge: making her mark in the highly competitive world of Korean entertainment.

"Actually, the first time I was introduced to Korean culture and entertainment was when I was 10 or 11, when I first got to the Philippines. That was my first time to explore different types of entertainment from different countries,” she tells Philippine Entertainment Portal (

“And it so happened that Korean entertainment was the one that sparked my interest to K-pop. I became a huge fan of Girls Generation, Super Junior, 2NE1. So, my second-gen K-pop. I think, I was a little bit too early for K-pop at that time. And then, around 2018 I believe that I rekindled my interest with Korean entertainment through BTS, Momoland and BLACKPINK.”


ICYDK, the actress just announced that she’ll be hosting her new YouTube series Liza in Korea, where she’ll be immersing herself in the country’s rich culture.

"Of course, it’s an honor to be part of that, and my only downfall is I can’t speak Korean fluently. So, I’ve actually met with a lot of production companies, a lot of agents and managers and they’re having an interest,” she says.

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"Pero, sabi nila, balikan ko sila kapag nakakasalita na ‘ko ng Korean."

Liza revealed that she’s now taking Korean language lessons!

"I can speak a little now because I kept coming back too often. I’m doing lessons with their language. I’m really taking it seriously because honestly, I am,” the actress shares. “Of course, I feel like it’s any actor’s dream to be in a K-drama or be in a movie here in Korea. I personally consider Korea to be the next Hollywood or if not already the new Hollywood. They’re making so much noise in entertainment.”

We're cheering you on, Liza!

You can watch the first episode of Liza in Korea here:

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