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Liza Soberano Says She And 'Lisa Frankenstein' Co-Star Kathryn Newton ~*Bonded*~ Over Their Love For BLACKPINK

The girls sung along and danced to K-pop songs on set countless times!
Liza Soberano talks about her Hollywood debut film "Lisa Frankenstein" in an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines

Lisa Frankenstein is Zelda William's directorial debut, written by Academy Award winner (of Juno and Jennifer's Body fame) Diablo Cody. Starring alongside Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, our very own Liza Soberano sat down for an exclusive chat with Cosmopolitan Philippines to discuss her experience filming the movie, how she and Kathryn became good friends, the difficulty in nailing her comedic timing, and which Hollywood actors and actresses she'd like to collaborate with next.

EXCLUSIVE: Liza Soberano On Lisa Frankenstein, Her Co-Stars, And Her Hollywood Career

Liza Soberano on her friendship with Kathryn Newton

"I would say one thing that we mainly bonded over in the beginning was our love for BLACKPINK," Liza excitedly revealed about her friendship with Kathryn. "I didn't know at the time that she was obsessed with BLACKPINK. She told me that she knows all their songs, she even knows their dance steps, so I have a bunch of videos that we took of us dancing to BLACKPINK and just listening to K-pop." According to Liza, Kathryn is also a fan of TWICE and NewJeans!


Well, the duo clearly know the "Pink Venom" choreography—and it turns out they had plans to watch BLACKPINK perform at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles for the Born Pink world tour concert. Sadly they had made different arrangements and didn't end up watching together, but Liza did get separate photos with Jennie and Lisa!

Liza Soberano Jennie Kim BLACKPINK concert
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Liza Soberano took a photo with BLACKPINK's Lisa and singer Destiny Rogers
Liza Soberano took a photo with BLACKPINK's Lisa and singer Destiny Rogers. Instagram/carelessph

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Liza Soberano on how the cast and crew of Lisa Frankenstein bonded

"I think it helps that all four of us, we're all in the same age we were just having fun," Liza shared, referring to herself, Kathryn, Cole, and Henry Eikenberry (who plays Michael Trent, Lisa's love interest).


To help keep that cast bond tight (and make movie promotions fun), director Zelda Williams has used a trick she learned from her dad (the late Robin Williams). He would have his fellow actors play games, like requiring everyone to use the same random word during their red carpet and promo interviews—the catch is it has to make sense. ("Like "tornado" for example," shared Liza). According to Liza, Zelda was thinking of playing the same game with the Lisa Frankenstein cast—so make sure to watch all their red carpet interviews during the premiere (and promo tour) and see if you can spot the common word!

Watch her full interview here:

Liza Soberano Talks About Filming 'Lisa Frankenstein', Becoming Friends With Kathryn Newton, & More!

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