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Check Out Liza Soberano Play 'Mobile Legends' For Nearly Five Hours

FYI, Liza grew up as a gamer!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/lizasoberano, Facebook/Eric Eruption Tai

Liza Soberano showed off her Mobile Legends chops when she and boyfriend Enrique Gil guested in Eric "Eruption" Tai's Facebook livestream.

In their first game in a colossal weekend session, Liza, who played under the username "MissGuided", chose to main the hero Karrie. Enrique chose Franco, playing the tank role. Tai, meanwhile, chose Minsitthar.

As she admitted to Tai, who was a former player for national rugby team the Philippine Volcanoes but has now become a popular streamer, she's a bit of a ML newbie.

"We started about three weeks ago," she admitted in the stream.


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Tai then remarked that he was the one who got these two actors playing the game.

But Liza said that she grew up as a gamer. "When I was younger, I used to play Zelda, Super Mario, Mario Kart. As I got older, Quen introduced Call Of Duty to me. Then I started playing AoV [Arena Of Valor] with you two." 

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Arena Of Valor, like Mobile Legends, is a five-on-five mobile arena battler. Her experience there may have given her the confidence to go ranked match in her first try with Enrique and Tai.

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"Rank agad!' she said. 

Throughout the stream, Liza and Enrique kept their concentration, while Tai was his usual effusive personality.

"Baka Karrie ng Pilipinas na 'to!" teased Tai. "Nice one! Buhat na buhat tayo ni Liza!" Later, he was moved to say, "Three weeks lang sila sa ML, ganito na sila maglaro!"

"Because you taught us!" said Liza.

The team won their first game, with Liza's Karrie racking up 10 kills, one death, and six assists, in front of a virtual crowd of 31,000 people tuning into the stream.

But that was only the first game of a massive, near five-hour session. Watch the full stream here:

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As of posting, the stream has already gained three million views on Facebook. Smitten gamers have also posted their reactions to the stream on Twitter. Not a few of them referenced Liza's "300mbps" connection; a nod to a recent episode last week when PLDT swooped in to give Liza a brand-new internet line.

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