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Liza Soberano Gushes Over Being A 'Tita' To Her Brother's Newborn Baby

Please bless us with a photo soon, Liza!
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

ICYMI, Liza Soberano is now officially a tita! Her younger brother Justin Soberano's baby was born two weeks ago, on February 18, 2019. During her guesting with reel and real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil on Tonight With Boy Abunda, the actress shared she was there when her niece was born and that she was probably the *most excited* member of the family. 

Liza gushed, "The day before, on the 17th, the whole day I was on standby for their call if she [Justin's girlfriend Chloe] was in labor already or not." 

"Around 4 a.m., my assistant woke me up. She was like, 'Justin called me, nanganganak na daw si Chloe.' Sabi niya parang hihimatayin na siya [Justin].' I think he was crying. So we rushed to the hospital, me and my dad and my assistant. We were there right when the baby was getting cleaned up. I didn't hold the baby cause I might be dirty—germs and everything. But I got to see her. I took pictures of the moment and everything."

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When Tito Boy asked how her brother's doing, Liza shared, "He's really happy right now. He's happy that the baby is there. Of course, there's a struggle because it's something new for him. Of course, he's inexperienced. He's pretty young. He still needs guidance from us, from his girlfriend's mother, but he's doing pretty good."

Liza proudly announced, "He's a good father."

During her previous TWBA interview in February, Liza shared that she gave Justin a serious talk after she found out that his girlfriend was pregnant, "I didn't get mad at him. I got mad at the situation. I guess I was able to let it simmer down. I talked to him. We had a heart to heart talk. [I said], 'Now that you are going to be a dad, you have to become more mature because it takes a different kind of maturity to become a father and, I mean, dahil may anak na siya parang instantly kailangan na niyang maging mature agad. He has to think other things aside from himself."

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She also felt like she was "losing" Justin. "The reason why I was more sad when I found out is because parang mawawala na yung baby brother ko sa akin. He is going to become a dad and I am going to lose my baby," she said.

There's no need to worry, because the Soberano siblings are all good now! Who else can't wait to see a photo of Liza's niece? *Raises hands*  

More baby news: In January 2019, photos of Liza and Quen with an adorable baby circulated online. The cutiepie turned out to be Enrique's niece Olivia Go, and the photos were taken during her christening! Awww.  

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