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Here's What The 'Lizzie McGuire' Cast Looks Like Now

Spoiler alert: Ethan still has perfect hair.
PHOTO: Lizzie McGuire/Disney

This is truly what dreams are made of. A Lizzie McGuire revival is officially coming to Disney+, with Hilary Duff reprising the role that got so many of us through middle school. In the streaming sequel series, Lizzie is now probably ditching the butterfly clips and dealing with the problems that come with being 30, flirty, and (hopefully) thriving.

Unfortunately, Disney doesn't seem to have a picture-perfect plan for the series, which aired its last episode in 2004, just yet. But on Good Morning America, Hilary mentioned that the show will pick up on Lizzie's 30th birthday. She's working as an apprentice for an interior designer and has a "cute little apartment in Brooklyn." She also has "a gorgeous fiancé who is a chef at this cool SoHo restaurant." Hmm, wonder how her tween dream Gordo feels about this?

Right now, it's unclear which of the OG cast members will be returning, but it has been confirmed that cartoon Lizzie McGuire will be back to help. ( least try to help while lookin' cute in platform sandals.) Hilary has teased that there are plenty of cast "surprises in store for viewers." Fingers crossed at least one of these surprises includes Lizzie's epically heinous unicorn sweater. In honor of this news, it's worth catching up with the now-all-grown-up Lizzie McGuire cast to see what they've been doing for the past 15 years.

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Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff)

Since those early Disney Channel days, Hilary's been Diner Girl, a Material Girl, and Sharon Tate. Now she's starring as girl boss Kelsey Peters on Younger and being totally adorable on Insta with her fiancé, Matthew Koma.

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Let's be honest though, the 31-year-old mother of two will always be Lizzie to those who came of age in the very early aughts. And Hilary doesn't seem to mind one bit—in fact, she'd like to be known as Lizzie for a new set of girls. "I mean, I love her so much," she told Entertainment Tonight when asked about a possible Lizzie McGuire revival last year. "I think she was so important to girls at an important time in their life. If she could be important to them again at this age, I think that would be amazing."

Just would also be amazing if Hilary revived her music career, because "Why Not" was a total bop.

Miranda Sanchez (Lalaine)

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Lizzie's bestie Miranda (Lalaine) didn't appear in The Lizzie McGuire Movie due to a scheduling conflict. In the film, Miranda was on "vacation" in Mexico with her parents. So, sorry to break this bad news to you, but it's possible she might not come back for this sequel either.

After Lizzie McGuire, Lalaine recorded a solo album and played bass in the band Vanity Theft in 2010. She's also appeared in a few films and TV shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Easy A. In 2015, Lalaine told HuffPost, "I hold a job down to pay the bills and I've been doing all these random little projects." Her most recent project was 2018's One Night Alone.

Back in April, Lalaine revealed on Instagram that as a child actor, she was forced to hide her Filipino heritage. She wrote in a post, which she later amended, that "most of my life growing up, I was forced to look as 'white' as possible." Having to hide who she was as a kid has made it hard for her to find her identity as an adult. Hopefully, if she does decide to come back to Lizzie McGuire, she'll be able to bring her personal experience to Miranda's story. 

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David "Gordo" Gordon (Adam Lamberg)

Lizzie's BFF-turned-BF has been off the grid IRL for the past few years. Adam only popped up in two indie films after Lizzie McGuire: When Do We Eat? (2005) and Beautiful Loser (2008). And since all the 34-year-old's social accounts, aside from his LinkedIn, appear to have been deleted, he's not easy to find. The UC Berkeley and Baruch College grad now works as a developmental officer at New York's Irish Arts Center. Fun fact, the Center's website might be the only place you can find a recent photo of Adam.

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Don't worry though, Lamberg seems to be doing well. Back in 2014, he let his Tumblr followers know that "life is fantastic, though I constantly have too much time on my hands and am constantly struggling to find intriguing and creative ways with which to fill it."

He also told a fan that same year that he wasn't sure if acting was in his future. "I'm probably somewhere between the denial stage and the acceptance stage as to whether I still can/want to do this with my life," he wrote. Maybe he'd like to make the revival his big comeback?

Matt McGuire (Jake Thomas)

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Lizzie's little brother is not so little anymore. The 29-year-old has continued acting, appearing on ER, NCIS, CSI, and Criminal Minds. And the kid's man's got range. Last year, he appeared in the horror film The Unwilling. But by the looks of his Instagram, Jake seems more focused on his photography. He's also been the one who keeps the cast reunions coming, including a sweet one with his TV mom, Hallie Todd. Seriously, his Insta is a precious gift for all those in need of some Lizzie McGuire nostalgia.

Kate Sanders (Ashlie Brillault)

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Ashlie played a mean girl on TV, but now she's a cool mom IRL. After earning her BA in political science from California State University, she got her law degree in Colorado. While there, she also met her husband, who she has a cute lil daughter with.

After passing the bar exam in 2015, Ashlie told MTV she was "focusing on being a mom" but was planning to look for a job "as a lawyer in the civil rights or criminal defense field."

Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder)

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Great news: Clayton, who played Lizzie's crush, still acts. The 31-year-old also got super serious about water polo after Lizzie McGuire, so, yes, still hot! Clayton played on the USA Men's National Team and professionally in Europe. Now he coaches water polo in Santa Monica when not filming.

This year, Clayton's going to be in four films. And his hair is still very much on point. It's probably safe to assume he's been taking Ethan's advice for great hair: lather, rinse, but don't repeat.

Larry Tudgeman (Kyle Downes)

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Larry may not have gotten the girl on Lizzie McGuire, but Kyle sure did. The 36-year-old got married back in February. Kyle's appeared on The L Word, CSI Miami, and Life as We Know It. He's also branched out to become a writer and director with the 2018 thriller Proxy Kill. 

Melina Bianco (Carly Schroeder)

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Carly, who played Matt's friend and later became his girlfriend, continued acting after Lizzie McGuire. She starred in 2004's Mean Creek, 2007's Gracie, and last year's Ouija House. This May, she revealed on TMZ Live that she'll be joining the military. And no, this wasn't to reboot Cadet Kelly with Hilary.

Carly decided to enlist in the army so that she could help victims of human trafficking. She comes from a long line of service members—her dad is a former Green Beret and her younger brother is a marine. She's specifically interested in military intelligence. Carly chronicles her whole journey on Instagram. 

Jo McGuire (Hallie Todd)

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If you're an up-and-coming actor with a Skype connection, you can probably get a lesson from Lizzie McGuire's mom. When she'S not working, Hallie now teaches acting classes. Last year, she co-wrote and starred in the movie The Last Champion.

Sam McGuire (Robert Carradine)

After his Lizzie McGuire days, Robert kept himself busy with a reality competition series called King of the Nerds, which was inspired by his 1984 movie Revenge of the Nerds. 

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