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LJ Reyes Just Chopped Off Her Hair—And It Looks Pretty Fab!

This angled short bob suits her.
PHOTO: Instagram/lj_reyes

Actress LJ Reyes seems to be on her way to shorter ’dos. Since she became a mommy, we saw her chop off her locks to sport a style-ready lob. We loved it then! We loved how she’d style her then-lob in various ways—slicking it back when she wanted it neat or setting it in waves if she felt more playful.

LJ says that she had always wanted to try pixie hair, but was scared to go for it. “But now, having a schooling child and a newborn, I thought to myself, why not now?” she says. And, today was finally THE day: LJ went for it and had her lob turned into an angled short bob.

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LJ dropped in at the Jing Monis Salon in Quezon City and had the celebrity hairtylist work his magic on her hair. The result was a short bob that looks fresh, feminine, and fabulous. The two-time mom feels that this new ’do suits her lifestyle well. Plus, she loves that the cut is still pretty versatile: “It’s conveniently wash and wear! And, having short hair doesn’t mean you’re gonna run out of ways to style it. Having a longer front means there’s room for styling.”

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We're guessing many will want a ’do just like LJ’s. The style is a good leap into having shorter hair, while still providing the freedom to style it in different way. LJ says: “I would also want to try something shorter than this. Next time!” With a pixie face like hers, we think an even shorter cut will look equally as fab on her.

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With summer rolling around pretty soon (and if you’re ready for a shorter ’do yourself), make sure to screen cap her pic and show it your stylist on your pre-summer salon day. 

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