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8 Adorable Celebrity Babies Who Were Born In 2019

It's a whole new generation!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/dongdantes, (RIGHT) Instagram/andieigengirl

We're been guilty of ~baby fever~ all year long! Let's take a look back at all the new celebrity kids we met in 2019:  

1. Summer Ayanna Contis (January 4)

The proud parents: LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis. Baby Summer has an older brother named Aki (LJ's son with actor Paulo Avelino). Before Summer's birth, the new family had an "Expectation V. Reality" maternity shoot

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2. Corazon Amelia Manzano Reyes (January 19) 

The proud parents: Andi Manzano and GP Reyes. According to Andi, Amelia's older sis Olivia loves helping out with the baby and doing small chores for her! In May, the family had a Star Wars-themed party in honor of Amelia's christening.

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3. Jose Sixto "Ziggy" G. Dantes IV (April 16) 

The proud parents: Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. Ziggy is named after his dad! Marian and Dingdong also have a daughter, Zia, who was born in 2015.  

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4. Alfred "Alfie" Thor Crichton Burnand (July) 

The proud parents: Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand. Thor has one sibling: An older brother named Archie, aka our fave "Adobo Baby."

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5. Keliana Alohi "Lilo" Eigenmann Alipayo (July 24) 

The proud parents: Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo. Lilo has a sister named Ellie, who is seven years older. Fun fact: Before Lilo was born, Andie was still surfing until she was six months pregnant

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6. "Millie" Camilla Marguerite B. Panlilio (September 13) 

Her parents:  Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio. The couple even shared Millie's birthing story through a vlog, which included clips of several car-related mishaps before Xavi and Dani got to the hospital. 

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7. Vito Tomas Bacarro (September 17) 

The proud parents: Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro. Baby Vito also has a sweet kuya named Pancho. When he was born, Vito weighed a whopping 9.2 pounds

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8. Maria Gabriela Padilla (November 17)

The proud parents: Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla. The couple have another daughter, Isabella, who was also born in the U.S.   

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