Local Celebs Doing The Most Relatable Things

They're more normal than you think!

Ah, artistas—they couldn't possibly have anything remotely similar to us "normal people," right?! But sometimes, a rare gem (in the form of an Instagram post) pops up on our feed and we realize, "Hey, they aren't totally different from us after all!"

So, here are the many mundane and refreshingly relatable things our fave local celebs have doneand posted online, of course.

Solenn Heussaff

Undercover market madnessand a whole lotta good deals, too!

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Anne Curtis

Makes you miss your childhood, no?

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Rhian Ramos

The corner spot near the exit door is honestly the best.

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Maris Racal

Behind every budding musician is...a huge-ass guitar.

Janine Gutierrez and Ruru Madrid

The waiting game begins.


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Bela Padilla

Never was there a story of more woe than having to edit out items from your luggage on the way home.

KathNiel and Friends

Young, wild, and soooo damn FREE.

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Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto

Remember that one time you let the bae do your hair?

Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Martine Cajucom

Cousin bonding never got this real.


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Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado

Life Goal #37: Find yourself an Instagram boyfriend.

Nico Bolzico and Family

Introducing, the "Bolzico 4."

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Nadine Lustre, Lauren Reid, Kiana Valenciano, and Andrea Luis

Proof of a fun night out: Blurry phone pics.

Liza Soberano

Turista mode ON!

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Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador

It's all in the eyes.

Alex Gonzaga

When food is life but the 'gram is life-r.

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Leila Alcasid

The cold did bother her anyway.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

When you're super natutuwa with your pet.

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Angelica Panganiban, Ketchup Eusebio, and Glaiza De Castro


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