The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Logan Lerman's Long Hair And We Totally Get It

No thoughts, just Logan Lerman's hair.
PHOTO: instagram/analuisacorrigan

Whether you're a long-time fan of Logan Lerman or newly-obsessed, you'll have noticed that the actor rarely updates his social media accounts. His last Insta post was uploaded on August 13, for example (but who's checking?). Luckily we have Logan's girlfriend, New York-based artist Ana Corrigan, to thank for regular updates!

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Today, September 14, Ana came through once again when she posted an album full of nature shots—swipe to the third photo and be #blessed with a photo of Logan in all his long, curly-haired glory!

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As expected, the internet went insane over a new photo of the actor looking *absolutely gorgeous*:

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Petition for Logan to play Poseidon in the Percy Jackson series remake, PLEASE.

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