LOL At Alex Gonzaga Interviewing Her Mom About Her Love Life

Yup, she asked THOSE famous questions!
PHOTO: YouTube/Ms Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga's video posts on her YouTube page just keep getting funnier. Her latest vlog, posted on June 1, 2018, finds her interviewing her mother, Pinty Gonzaga.

Some of the funniest moments involve Alex prodding her mom about her love life. As an icebreaker, she asked her mom, "How's life, Pinty? Are you still married?"

An off-guard Pinty laughed and answered, "Of course! Catherine!"

"Kunwari nga. Mommy, host ako."

In one of the interview segments, Alex made her mom pick: "Sex or chocolates?"

"Both," Pinty quickly answered.

Alex laughed, "Mommy, parehong bawal sa 'yo."

"Bakit bawal sa 'kin yung isa?"

"Bawal yung isa kasi ang tanda mo na!" joked Alex.

"Ay, that's meditation, according to some books," Pinty replied.

"Lights on or lights off?"


"Best time for sex?"

"Anytime," Pinty answered, smiling.

Alex then quipped, "Kanina lang, eh."

In the interview, Alex also made her mom reveal a few embarrassing moments: "Nagwiwi ka ba sa isang public CR na nakababa pala ang toilet cover? Guilty or innocent?"

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Obviously, Alex knew the answer to the question and just wanted her mom to share the story. 

At one point, Alex asked, "Mikey or Paul?" Mikey is Alex's boyfriend, and Paul refers to Paul Soriano, the husband of Toni Gonzaga, Alex's sister. 

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Pinty was quick to answer "Both." But after Alex rejoiced, Pinty said, "But siyempre at present, [si] Paul, because he's really my son-in-law."

Alex then tried to cut her mom. "Huwag ka nang magsalita, nakaksakit ka ng damdamin." So Pinty said, "Magpakasal muna kayo. Para maging 100 percent."

Alex looked at the camera and called out to Mikey. She then asked her mom, "So ngayon, ilang percent pa lang?"

"Siyempre, nasa 80 percent."

As of press time, Alex's hilarious video already has more than 100,000 views and more than 2,000 comments. Check it out!

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