Love Advice We Learned From Chick Flicks

Romantic movies aren't just good for shallow thrills--they're great sources of relationship advice, too!

Chick flicks are more than just an hour and a half of touching montages and tearful feel-goodery—they also carry a wealth of relationship tips. Here, we list some of our favorite romantic movies and the all-too-real love lessons we learned from them.

Before Sunrise
Take a romantic risk. Not every man who will ask you to get off the proverbial train with him will be as cute as Jesse, but if you never make that leap, you’ll never find out what you’re missing.

Bridget Jones’s Diary
While it’s easy to be swept off your feet by a bonafide sex god, you owe it to yourself to hold out for someone who likes you “just as you are”—ill-timed bunny costume and all.

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(500) Days of Summer
Rejection’s a cruel bitch—especially if you’ve pinned all your hopes on someone being The One. But don’t let heartbreak get the best of you; quit wallowing, pick yourself up, and look forward to a better season in love.


When Harry Met Sally
The guy you’ll end up loving could be right under your nose all this time. So before you write off that long-time guy friend who’s been there for you through all your nasty breakups and tacky haircuts, think again.

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Notting Hill
The burden of grand gestures often falls on the male. But if you decide that a stud is worth your heart, don't let anything stop you! Make like Anna Scott and be that girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Love Actually
While we’ll forever swoon over Mark’s cardboard sign confession to Juliet, it reminds us that we shouldn’t wait to make declarations of such magnitude until after the object of our affection has gotten hitched.

Dirty Dancing
People will always tell you what kind of man you should date: your family, your friends, even your hairdresser. Your dude might be a working-class dance instructor to your well-bred daddy’s girl, but if you believe in your bond, be brave enough to defend it to the naysayers.

Moulin Rouge
There’s always the chance that romance will end tragically—in this case, in death—but while it lasts, the all-consuming, stop-the-presses-joy of love is reason enough to suffer through any tragic ending. As Christian so eloquently put it, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

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The Notebook
If you decide to want all of someone—“forever, you and me, every day”—the way Noah wanted Allie, be prepared to see it through, even decades down the line—dementia be damned.

There are plenty of love lessons in Titanic, but if we had to point out one that’s often overlooked, it’s this: If you love someone, share. If Rose had scooted over just a bit on top of that door to make room for a freezing Jack, their relationship might have lasted longer than a few hours on a sinking ship. Just sayin’. Check out this Mythbusters video:

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