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Love App-tually: 5 Romantic Apps for Valentine's Day

Download these apps to make today extra special (or more bearable).

Are you SINGLE? Download: OkCupid

This free worldwide dating app helps you find a suitable date with someone close by, or with someone on the other side of the world. Just sign up with your Facebook account or make a separate account via your mobile. The app’s Quick Match feature takes its Cupid status a little further by ranking potential dates for you, while shooting out arrows for your potential Match, Friend, and Enemy.

Are you IN THE FRIEND ZONE? Download: Love Quotes 500

The Love Quotes 500 compiles the finest collection of quotes from history’s greatest writers and thinkers so that you, yes you, can convey just how you really feel for your special friend.  

Are you JUST BEGINNING? Download: Love Test Calculator

Discover just how compatible you guys really are! The app includes slum book questions, quizzes, dares, and romantic quotes. 

Are you DATING? Download: Zomato

A lifestyle and dining app that rates hotels and restaurants in the Metro could come in handy when planning your next sentimental hang out. Zomato makes it easier for you to contact your neighborhood hole-in-the-wall for that special banquet reservation, or food delivery, should you decide to eat in. And with special listings in 11 countries worldwide, you can never run out of options!

Are you EXCLUSIVE? Download: Red Stamp

Sweet love notes for every single day of the year? Yes, please! 

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