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Lovi Poe's Tip To Instantly Look Made Up

Plus, a peek inside her makeup bag!

In an exclusive interview with, actress Lovi Poe opened up her bag and her makeup kit for all of us curious girls. Here, three beauty tips that we learned from one of the most beautiful actresses in the country:

1. A bold lip color goes a looong way. Lovi explains that she’s not that masipag to put on makeup on a regular basis. “I always bring with me a dark-colored lipstick. Kasi I don’t like putting on so much makeup. When I have an event to go to, I just put on something dark,” she said.

2. She uses minty eye drops. In case you’ve never heard of them before, minty eye drops are very popular in Japan and the US to help relieve tired and red eyes. The logic behind it is that the mint can help “refresh” your eyes like how it can freshen your breath. Lovi explains that she always carries one around because she does a lot of crying—on her show, that is! Not IRL, you guys.

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3. She carries around a nose clip! The last and most interesting thing Lovi had in her metallic gold kikay kit is a nose clip. “Kami ni Heart [Evangelista] we have this because kapag umiiyak kami sa eksena, namamaga yung ilong. To get ready for the next scene, this will help!” she explains. Interesting!

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