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LOL! Macoy Dubs’ Hilarious Posts On IG And TikTok Are Soooo ~*Relatable*~

The 'Charot Readings' host has become our daily source of entertainment.
macoy dubs
PHOTO: instagram/macoydubs

For sure you know (and love) Macoy Dubs as the open-minded Auntie Julie, aka that tita who wears big pearl earrings and acts like your barkada, calls everyone anak, and is curious about TikTok and “Grindrs.”

But ICYDK, Auntie Julie is actually just one of Macoy’s many hilarious personas! Scroll through his IG and Tiktok feeds and you’ll meet the rest of the characters he features on his platform, most of whom are inspired by actual people that will likely remind you of someone you know. Check them out below: 

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You know those busi-busihan moments at work? Yup, we’ve been there, too!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to turn on your camera during a Zoom meeting at the most inconvenient time.

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We love how this parody of Squid Game brings us back to our childhood days.

Here’s Macoy being all of us as kids when faced with the promise of an ampao!


Your anthem according to your zodiac sign! ???? Listen to Charot Readings on Spotify!

? original sound - Macoy Averilla

If you’ve ever researched someone (like your crush) based on their zodiac sign, you are not alone.

In the last post, Macoy (as Madam Tarot) tells viewers to check out Charot Readings on Spotify. ICYDK, Charot Readings is a horoscope-centric podcast by Spotify and Summit Media—the very first Summit Original podcast as well! Each episode "will focus on a specific aspect of our daily lives to make it different from your usual horoscope."

There are 12 episodes each day, one dedicated to one zodiac, and with a specific daily theme, including relationships, career, finances, and any other relatable aspects of life where we could all use some ~*guidance*~. Even better: The podcast is delivered in Taglish!

That said, tune in to Charot Readings with Macoy Dubs to hear what your stars have in store for you! Click here to listen.

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