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This Fun Video Turns Super Junior's 'Sorry, Sorry' Into An Informative COVID-19 MV

Time to hugas, hugas, hugas, hugas!
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Mark Averilla, the content creator behind social media account Macoy Dubs, is popular for his hilarious Tagalog-dubbed videos (remember THAT Mean Girls one?). He released a new vid on March 9, and this time it's an informative song about COVID-19 set to the tune of Super Junior's 2009 song "Sorry, Sorry!"

The dubbed version tells us about the basic symptoms of the virus so we'll know when it's time to go to the doctor. It also reminds us to wash our hands regularly, to avoid crowded places and international travel, and even discourages us from panic buying! SUPER HELPFUL. 

Sooo instead of "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry / Naega naega naega meonjeo Nege nege nege bbajyeo Bbajyeo bbajyeo beoryeo baby," the chorus goes: "Hugas, hugas, hugas, hugas / Ng kamay kamay kamay / Para, para iiwas-iwas / Na sa COVID-19 beybeh!" 

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This video is making us miss seeing all the SJ members together! "Sorry, Sorry" is a single from Super Junior's third album of the same name. Watch the song's OG music video (which was released more than 10 years ago!) here: 

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