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Maggie Wilson Shares Plea To Reunite With Son Connor: 'If you see my son, tell him he's loved'

It’s been almost a year since Maggie Wilson last saw her son Connor, the model revealed in a video. 
Maggie Wilson plea
PHOTO: Instagram/wilsonmaggie

It’s been almost a year since Maggie Wilson last saw her son Connor, the model revealed in an emotional video she posted on her social media account on May 15, 2023, a day after Mother’s Day. 

“One day, when someone steps in from our justice system, we will see each other again. We can hold each other, smile together, and go through life making happy memories together. I want you to know that I look forward to that day,” Maggie said in a video post, which has since gathered thousands of reactions. 

The video was filled with happy moments Maggie shared with her son, whom she hasn’t talked to in over 100 days, amid a legal battle between her and husband Victor Consunji

“You will grow up and realize what happened. And I will show you all the facts. I have never been scared because I know that the truth always prevails,” the model-entrepreneur said in her post. 


She also appealed to people who have access to his son to show the boy her Instagram video, as all her efforts to communicate were in vain. 

Maggie went on to say that sometimes she questions her decision about leaving the marriage, and that she tried her best to save the relationship. 

“I only wanted him (Victor) to be happy because I couldn't give him that. I was simply not enough. It was a hard pill to swallow and a difficult decision. But I did so because I wanted you (Connor) to see both of us happy. Even though we weren't together,” said Maggie. 

“I wanted (Connor) to see what real happiness looks like. Sometimes I question myself, if that was selfish of me to do, I want you to know that I tried. I tried to fix things. I tried to hide my pain to still be there for you,” she added. 

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Maggie said she tries her best to hang on daily, and that she only wishes for her son’s safety.  

“I will always be here for you. No matter how far away it may seem, waiting for you. Till then, remember these moments. I want you to know how much I miss and love you with all my heart. You will always be my number one, Connor,” Maggie said. 

Vic and Maggie announced their separation on September 27, 2021, after 11 years of marriage. What was initially publicized as an amicable breakup quickly had a turn of events when the beauty queen spoke up about being denied access to their son Connor’s birthday photos six months after. Since then, the two have seemingly yet to patch things up, the latest update being Maggie commenting about her (yet-to-be ex) husband’s fatherhood post with a new baby

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