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Maggie Wilson On Aging With Tattoos: 'I'll be a cool grandma!'


Maggie Wilson recently shared some photos of her new tattoos, bringing her total up to 21 pieces. Inked by Marlon Capuno, the new tattoos include the birthdates of her family, Arabic numerals of son Connor’s birthday, a wave that transforms into Connor’s name, a quote that says, “Be afraid and do it anyway,” and a snake to symbolize her and husband Victor Consunji’s birth in the Year of the Snake.


In a new post, she addressed some fan questions. Does it hurt to get a tattoo? “Of course they do. Some areas hurt more than others. For me, the ones on the back of my arms, neck, and spine didn’t really hurt. But the ones on my sides hurt the most!”

What will happen when she gets old? “Then I’ll be a cool grandma! LOL! I live my life. Whatever I feel like doing, I’ll do it because at the end of it all, I’ll be able to share and look back on all the stories and memories that come with doing things that you love, doing things that scare you and liberate you. You only live once. I refuse to spend it living in fear of what others might think.”

She said, “Each symbol is a reflection of a specific time, experience, or life lesson I hold close. A reminder I like to see.”

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