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Some Netizens Are Convinced That Maine Was *Edited* Into Pics Of The Atayde Family Dinner

Yes, this is news.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mainedcm, (RIGHT) Instagram/sylviasanchez_a

Happy hump day, everyone! We've got some ~news~ for you this morning. So we all know that Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde have been dating for months now, right? Well, it seems like some netizens still aren't convinced that their love is ~real~ and believe that their relationship is nothing but fake news. Yes, you read that right.

Case in point: the Atayde family dinner on Sunday night. Arjo's mom Sylvia Sanchez posted sweet snaps of the occasion with Maine noticeably present. "Fun dinner last Sunday. Sunday is famday. Love you kiddos," she wrote on Instagram. Cute, no?

For some Twitter users, these pics were not cute AT ALL. Several users took screenshots of her pics and questioned their authenticity, saying that they were "edited" and pointed out that the lighting was too bright to be taken on a Sunday night. Uhh…okay…?

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Well, mama Sylvia wasted no time and actually replied to some of the tweets. She revealed the resto they dined in, what time they were there, and where exactly they were seatedall capped off with heart eyes emojis!

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Edited pics or not, we're sending y'all good juju! (So, uh, enough with the conspiracy theories, oki?)