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Maine Mendoza Fangirls Real Hard While Watching A Coldplay Concert

And yes, she couldn't help but tear up.
PHOTO: Twitter/Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza is currently ~*living the life*~ in California. For starters, she watched the goddess Adele (OMG) live and tweeted some of her concert keepsakes for all of us to ogle over.

Ugh, so jealous.

But the main event for our February Cosmo cover girl was when her ultimate dream of watching a live Coldplay concert finally came true. HUHUHU

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Maine was all smiles as she happily snapped away for her fans to experience the concert with her. (THANK YOU, MAINE!)

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She was, however, overwhelmed with so much ~*feels*~ when the British band played what we assume is her fave song, “Yellow.” Here, her friend and celeb hairstylist Celeste Tuviera caught this rare moment of Maine being a fangirl. Love this. 

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