Man Dives To Look For Wife's Body Three Years After Japanese Tsunami

57-year-old Yasuo Takamatsu braves freezing waters to retrieve and bring home the body of his wife.

True love never dies.

A 57-year old man named Yasuo Takamatsu has not given up on his search for his wife Yuko’s body three years after a devastating tsunami hit Japan and took the lives of over 15,800 people. His wife was one of them.

The widower recalls his wife’s last text message to him before she and her co-workers were swept away by the giant waves: "It read ‘I want to go home.’ That was the last message from her. I feel terrible thinking she is still out there. I want to bring her home as soon as possible."

After rescuers discovered Yuko’s phone, they retrieved an unreceived message to her husband saying, "Tsunami huge."

In an attempt to find the body of his wife, Mr. Takamatsu resorted to taking scuba diving lessons. He was pictured diving with a group a few days before the anniversary of the disaster (March 11, 2011).

He shared, "She would always be next to me, physically and mentally. I miss her; I miss the big part of me that was her. I still feel just as I did when the disaster hit. Emotion-wise, I have not moved a bit since then. I will feel like this, I think, until I find her."

With the help of diving instructor Masayoshi Takahashi and other volunteers, Mr. Takamatsu will continue his quest to bring his wife home. He added, "I do want to find her, but I also feel that she may never be discovered as the ocean is way too vast—but I have to keep looking."

Now THAT is love.


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