Man Tries To Abort 8-Month Old Baby With Bare Hands

This is so wrong.

A woman named Johanna Bernal was suffering from schizophrenia, depression, drug addiction, and physical abuse, so she sought out help. Instead, she became the victim of her supposed savior.

When Johanna met George Alejandro, a state-appointed drug counsellor, she hoped he would help her overcome her troubles. Instead, he used her for sex and attempted to abort the baby—who was already 8-months old—using his bare hands, NY Post reports.

For four years, Alejandro kept his client, a mother of three, in a “drugged state” while sleeping with her and threatening her family if she complained. When he got her pregnant, he attacked her using four fingers and tried to yank the baby out of her. WTF.

“My family has suffered a lot at the hands of this man. I live in fear,” said Bernal in Spanish.

Administration for Children’s Service is currently still reviewing the case. We hope justice is served!


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