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WATCH: Manny Pacquiao's Daughter Mary Shares A Tour Of Their Home

She also does a Q&A with her siblings.

In her latest vlog, Mary “Princess” Pacquiao, one of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao's children, gave a tour of their family home and interviewed her siblings. She showed the siblings’ rooms, the pool area, and the rooftop, as well as their pet dogs, cats, and birds.

Her Q&A with her siblings revealed a few tidbits: Michael is into the arts, Emmanuel Jr. aka Jimuel likes boxing, and Queen Elizabeth aka Queenie has a soft spot for their pets. Asked what superpower they’d want to have, Michael chose super speed, Jimuel picked the ability to fly, and Queenie would like to make ice on demand. Their brother Israel didn’t appear in the vlog because he had swimming lessons at the time.

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You can watch Mary’s vlog below:

Prior to the home tour, Mary vlogged about pranking her family for 24 hours:

Mary created her vlog in October 2018 and released her first video in August 2019. 

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