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March 14, 2014: Bianca King Meets James Franco in NYC + More Conversation Starters This Morning

Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.

1 Pretty BFFs Bianca King and Rhian Ramos were spotted dancing in the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The two, who were accompanied by Bianca’s non-showbiz boyfriend Julio Villafuerte, visited California after staying in New York City. The real cherry on top of Bianca’s vacay? She got to snap a picture with James Franco in The Big Apple! What a lucky girl. (

Skip to 0:21 to see the girls busting a move (P.S. Check out the right side of the screen; Bianca's in a beige sweater, along the aisle!).

2 So it turns out Lindsay Lohan has made her rounds in the Hollywood circle and has bagged some of the hottest A-listers. In Touch magazine found an alleged hand-written list of her hookups which include Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Jamie Dornan, Heath Ledger, James Franco, and more! Damn, girl. (

3 Disney meets EDM! It was announced on Disney Music's official Instagram account that they will be releasing an album called "#DCONSTRUCTED" which will feature remixes of Disney classics by some of the world's best DJs like Avicii, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, and more! (


4 And the parents of the year go to this Frozen-obsessed couple. Watch them lip-sync perfectly to "Love Is An Open Door" while their daughter sits quietly in the backseat, apparently oblivious to her parents duet. LOL!

5 Remember when you were a kid and you would drop your food on the floor, then pick it up immediately and say, "Okay lang, wala pang five seconds?" Most of us never really believed this, because...ew, germs, but it turns out this rule may be true after all! A team of researchers from Aston University's School of Life and Sciences conducted a test to prove this claim. ( Check out the video below!

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