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Mariel Rodriguez Gave The Sweetest Wedding Speech For Kylie Padilla And Aljur Abrenica

'She always knew it was you.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Proudrad Photography via Instagram/marieltpadilla, (RIGHT0 Instagram/labellefete

At the intimate wedding of Kylie Padilla to Aljur Abrenica, Mariel Rodriguez sent off her stepdaughter with a lovely six-minute speech at the wedding reception, which husband Robin Padilla dutifully, and lovingly, recorded.

Exuberant and spontaneous as she is known to be, Mariel started with an admission.

"I talk for a living, 'yon po ang trabaho ko. Pero tonight, kabadong-kabado ako.

"As in my heart is pounding, I'm so nervous.

"I don't know what to say because I want it perfect, because you guys deserve nothing less than perfect."

Kylie and Aljur had their surprise wedding on December 11, witnessed only by 70 of their family and closest friends.

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The ceremony was solemn, but at the wedding reception at Villa Milagros in Rizal, everyone let their hair down, including the bride and groom.

In her speech, Mariel recounted how the couple pulled it all off in two short weeks.

She said, "You guys did it. Imagine, going off already in less than a month, parang kayo pa lang ang gumagawa nun.

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"Congratulations, it is not just a wedding, it's a beautiful wedding.

"The ceremony was perfect, everything, the arrangement, everything.

"We really really feel your love.

"And we want to thank you for making us part of this very very intimate event.

"It's our privilege and we are also honored."


Mariel also recalled how the newlyweds overcame their relationship struggles.

Looking at Kylie and Aljur, she said, "Everyone knows naman na there was a time that you guys separated.

"But you know even during those times, your name would still come up, so I was thinking, 'Wow, she's still not over him.'

"Kasi your name would always come up.

"So sabi ko, 'Okay… even during that time, in her heart, she always knew it was you.

"And now we're all here, celebrating that love, we are all witnessing it and I feel that this is really destiny.

"It is your destiny to go through that journey, it's your destiny to have Alas first.

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And what I respect most about the two of you is you didn't let anybody pressure you into getting married.

"You did this during the time that you guys are really ready to commit to one another.

"And I really really respect you guys for that. And this is the best for Alas."

Alas, born in August 2017, is the son of Kylie and Aljur.

In her usual animated voice, Mariel relived the instance that Kylie found the guts to introduce Aljur to Robin.

"It was one of Kylie's birthdays, we celebrated it in a Japanese restaurant in BGC.

"Sabi ni Kylie, 'Tita, meron akong gusto ipakilala kay Papa.

"So I was like, 'Ah, okay…' meron daw siyang gusto ipakilala kay Papa.

"E, late yung Aljur, late yung Aljur.

"So si Robin, Robin was like, 'Sino ba 'tong lalaking 'to, pinaghihintay ako, ha.'"

She then addressed Aljur directly, "Tapos nagregalo ka pa, wine, hindi 'yon umiinom.

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"Mali na naman! So sabi ko, 'Nako, paano kaya 'yan?'

"E imagine, first time Kylie had the guts to tell her father that she was going to introduce someone to him.

"'Di ba, it was such a big moment.

"So finally, they met that night… I know they had several 'talks.'"

Mariel then related that Robin shared with her his talks with Aljur.

According to her, these were Robin's words to Aljur, "'Pinapasaya mo yung anak ko, 'di ba?

"'Siguraduhin mong wag 'yan malulungkot.'"

"Kasi nakita naman talaga [niya] that Kylie was so happy, she was so inspired to do her work.

"She wanted to be a better person.

"She started getting to know a different side of her."

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Ending her speech, Mariel shared how Kylie has always been her daddy's girl.

Talking to Kylie and Aljur she said, "Sabi ng daddy mo kanina, ang pinakamasaya dito sa kuwartong ito ay ako at si Alas.

"Sobra sobra siyang happy, you don't know how… Aljur kasi, talagang daddy's girl [si Kylie] e, talagang lagi-lagi…

"Alam mo sometimes kapag naglalaro si Isabella, sasabihin pa ng daddy niya, 'Ganyang-ganyan si Kylie noon, e.'

"Always, always, always."

Isabella is the two-year-old daughter of Mariel and Robin.

Mariel continued, "Kylie is her father's princess.

"Now, you keep her like a queen. I know that you do.

"Aljur, nakikita kong nagtatrabaho ka para sa pamilya mo, and humanga ako sa 'yo dun.

"You're trying to give your family the best at ramdam namin 'yon.

"I wish you guys the best, eto na kinakabahan nanaman ako.

"I wish you guys nothing but love, more children when you're ready."

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