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Marjorie Barretto On What Really Happened At Miguel Barretto's Wake: 'Everything was orchestrated'

She also revealed who the father of her youngest daughter is.

It doesn't seem like the feud between the Barretto sisters will end anytime soon. 

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN, Marjorie Baretto sat down with reporter Karen Davila to talk about the events that led to the alleged scuffle at the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto

The issue all started when a photo of a hospitalized Claudine Barretto was posted online by one of her and Gretchen Barretto's staff members, alleging that Marjorie "attacked" Claudine. 

Gretchen had visited the wake the night before, during which President Rodrigo Duterte asked that she and Marjorie set aside their differences and shake hands as a show of their respect for their father. Marjorie allegedly declined and the scuffle reportedly broke out afterward.

Marjorie, Gretchen, and Claudine have since had a heated exchange on Instagram. On October 18, Marjorie claimed her sisters were spreading false statements to the press. She also said she would soon "speak the whole truth," referring to a "powerful" boyfriend of Gretchen who could put her family's lives in danger.

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Gretchen responded with two videos of the alleged altercation. In the IG post, Gretchen claimed that Marjorie was threatening to sue her for libel and referred to Marjorie's also "powerful" boyfriend, whom Claudine will also reportedly sue for molestation.

According to Marjorie, Gretchen's boyfriend is Atong Ang, who used to be in a relationship with their niece, Nicole Barretto. Nicole is the daughter of JJ Barretto, the brother of Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine. Marjorie said Atong and Nicole parted ways because of Gretchen allegedly snatching him from her. 

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Atong earlier denied having a relationship with Nicole, and that he merely has a business relationship with Gretchen and her partner, Tonyboy Cojuangco. Marjorie claims Atong lied. 

"I have never seen [Gretchen and Atong] together as boyfriend-girlfriend," Marjorie said. "I just take it from 'it's common knowledge, which alam ng maraming tao, nakikita sila kung saan-saan, magkahawak and all.'" She also shares how she witnessed Nicole's "suffering" when she and Atong were no longer together. 

Before Pres. Duterte arrived, Nicole allegedly received a call from Atong's daughter, who was asking if she and her siblings could leave the wake for a while because Gretchen and Atong were on their way. Nicole wept. Marjorie said it was unfair for Nicole, and also embarrassing because Atong had been constantly present at the Barretto family gatherings when he and Nicole were still together.

A sibling of Atong then called Nicole's mother, saying that she should leave the wake with her children "kasi magkakagulo." 

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"Everything was orchestrated, Karen," Marjorie said in the interview. She claims that on Claudine's cue, Gretchen then arrived with Atong. "They were claiming na mainit na ang ulo ko; hindi lang po ako, pamilya ko po, dahil na-offend kami really about Atong sending our nieces and nephews out of the wake of our father."

Marjorie went on to share that had Gretchen visited their ailing father in the 16 days when he was in the hospital, things would have been different. She said Claudine looked after their father every night, who was rushed to the hospital during a birthday lunch party that Marjorie had organized. 

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"I am all for reconciliation, Karen," Marjorie said. "I'm just not for the fanfare."

Marjorie also hit back at Gretchen's accusation that the reason their father had a heart attack was because of her, because she didn't invite their mother Inday Barretto to the birthday lunch. She said that their mother was feeling ill at the time of the party and that their father actually died of acute respiratory failure, not a heart attack.

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When Pres. Duterte was requesting for the handshake, Marjorie said she saw the insincerity in Gretchen, that's why she reacted the way she did. "Pasensya na po, hindi po kita mapagbibigyan," Marjorie told the President.

Claudine reportedly reacted, saying, "You're unbelievable! How dare you! You want the attention!" which Marjorie said triggered the "bastusan."

Marjorie also slammed Gretchen's accusation that she had a nervous breakdown. She went on to share how the fight escalated further when Atong looked like he was about to reach for her. That's when the Presidential Security Guard (PSG) stepped in to cordon her and the President.

When this happened, Marjorie said she saw from her peripheral view Nicole lifting Gretchen and bringing her away from Marjorie, because Gretchen looked like she was going to lunge for Marjorie, too. It was at this moment that Marjorie claims it was Gretchen who had a nervous breakdown.

"She ran after Nicole, pulled Nicole's hair, kicked Nicole," Marjorie recalled. "She beat up my niece."

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"Siya ang gumawa ng gulo, hindi ako," Marjorie stated. "I respect my father."

Marjorie also addressed Gretchen's remark about her alleged "powerful boyfriend," whom she confirmed to be former Caloocan City mayor and former congressman Recom Echiverri

"Recom Echiverri is the father of my youngest daughter," Marjorie revealed. "That's all I have to say."

On Gretchen's claim that Recom allegedly molested Claudine and even Marjorie's kids, Marjorie said, "That's Gretchen's favorite word. "Hugot niya 'yan e. I don't know what fantasy that is."

Marjorie also revealed how in March 2019, Claudine asked for financial help from Recom, which she was totally against since she and Claudine have been known to not be in good terms. She also referred to Claudine as "unstable."

Recom insisted that it would be better for him to help Claudine rather than someone else, so Marjorie relented "with a heavy heart." She said it was actually a setup intended to hurt her and Recom. 

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Lastly, the interview touched on the rumors that Marjorie is offering her children to businessmen. 

"My children are not for sale," Marjorie stated. "I don't even have very much wealthy friends to sell my children to. My children work very, very hard."

On October 21, Gretchen was reported to have flown to the U.S., amid the family drama. 

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