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Match Made in Heaven

If REEL life were for REAL, these couples would be perfect for each other!

Don't you wish life was just like the movies? Music playing in the background, the man of your dreams literally sweeping you off your feet, fireworks magically appearing during the big kiss… Sigh, so romantic.

Let’s face it; the chance of that happening is one in a million. But who says we can’t dream? We all have our fair share of OTPs (cyberspace term for One True Pairing a.k.a. the perfect couple) that makes us kilig to the bones and gives us hope for a happy ending.

To commemorate the month of love, we’re rounding up our favorite on-screen couples that we think would make perfect real-life pairs in an alternate universe. After viewing the gallery, let us know who your OTP is by commenting below!

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