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Matteo Claps Back At Haters Who Accuse Him Of Being Unfaithful

To longtime girlfriend Sarah G.
PHOTO: Instagram/mateoguidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli has been in a super private and low-key relationship with Sarah Geronimo since 2013. Being with a pop superstar who has a massive fanbase, Matteo's gotten his fair share of hate thrown at him. Even after all these years, Matteo still receives online bashing from netizens about him being an unsuitable match for Sarah.

He recently replied to two tweets that suggested he's been an unfaithful boyfriend to Sarah. The first showed pictures of a topless Matteo goofing off with an unknown woman on his shoulders. The tweet read, "Pa-simpleng Flirting 101 by master @mateoguidicelli. Iba din naman 'di ba girl @JustSarahG?"

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Matteo retweeted the post and gave a sassy one-liner reply, "That's working out, idiot."

Another netizen also tweeted about Matteo's privileged background being the reason he can't be trusted, "Yes, let's wait and see another one coming out. @mateoguidicelli. He's a rich boy who grew up spoiled a brat. Sent to the most exclusive schools, never finished college. Aamoy din ang baho niya."

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The Kapamilya star chose to go with a more positive route when he clapped back to the hater, "The way you speak, so much hate. Good luck to you :)"