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Maxene Magalona Shares The *Serendipitous* Story Behind Her Husband Rob Mananquil's Painting

And it has to do with her late father Francis M.
PHOTO: instagram/maxenemagalona

The late Francis M passed away in 2009 when he lost his battle with leukemia. But his legacy lives on in the hearts of Pinoys, especially his family who continue to share his music and stories of their beloved papa. Maxene Magalona, a proud daddy's girl, never fails to share tidbits of the Master Rapper and on Father's Day, June 20, she revealed one heartwarming story that also involves her husband Rob Mananquil.

"Years ago, our family did an endorsement for a cola brand which we shot in a beautiful house in Makati," she wrote on Instagram. "I remember having so much fun with everyone at the shoot, working while spending quality time together. My Dad always loved cracking jokes and making us laugh which made work so much more enjoyable."

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Maxx then went on to share that a piece of artwork that hung behind them in the shoot…is actually her husband's: "One day, someone tagged me in a throwback photo from the shoot that we did and I immediately showed it to @robmananquil. I even told him that the location where we shot the endorsement was a house that belonged to one of our godparents in our wedding, tito Keren Pascual @kpr313. When he saw the photo, he turned to me and said, 'The painting behind Pop is one of my artworks.'"

Call it fate, destiny, serendipity, what have you, this is quite an incredible story and Maxene thinks so herself. "My jaw dropped. I was so shocked," she gushed. "I've always been the type who believes in serendipity and this just proved to me that God truly works in mysterious ways." The painting, according to Maxx, is now hung in her and Rob's living room "so that we can be reminded that God brought us all together for a purpose."

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You see, Maxx never got to introduce Rob to her father since they weren't together back when he was still alive. But Francis M played an integral role in their wedding in 2018 which was basically one big tribute to him. You can read the heartwarming story of their Boracay nuptials here.  

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